Regular Lianhua Qingke Tablets to Relieve Cough Symptoms of "Three Yang"


Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Health Commission announced the epidemic situation of notifiable infectious diseases in the province in July 2023, which shows that COVID-19 infection occupies the first place in the number of reported cases of Class B infectious diseases. This also reminds us that COVID-19 has not completely disappeared, and necessary protective measures are still needed. At the same time, to alleviate the common cough symptoms after COVID-19 infection with "Sanyang", therapeutic drugs such as Lianhua Qingke Tablet still need to be prepared. Most of the patients infected with COVID-19 "Sanyang" recently showed mild symptoms, and the symptoms of infection with EG.5 mutant had not changed much compared with that before. The main symptoms were cough, fever, sore throat, muscle or body pain, etc. Cough symptoms are still very common among patients. The use of drugs such as Lianhua Qingke tablets for symptomatic treatment can effectively alleviate symptoms. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that cough is a lung disease, mainly caused by the influence of physiological functions such as the promotion and reduction of lung function. It can be regulated through traditional Chinese medicine treatment and dietary therapy, which can not only moisten the lungs and relieve cough, alleviate related symptoms caused by cough, but also strengthen the lungs and regulate lung function. Lianhua Qingke Tablets promote lung and heat release, dissipate phlegm and stop coughing, and combine ancient formulas to reduce heat. They are made with Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang (Mahuang, Gypsum, Almond, and Licorice) from Zhang Zhongjing's "Treatise on Cold Damage" of the Eastern Han Dynasty to promote lung and heat release. In the "Medical Purposes" by Ye Wenling of the Ming Dynasty, Qingjin Huatan Tang (Huangqin, Sangbai, Beimu, and Chenpi) is combined with Pinellia ternata, Qianhu to clear lung and heat release, resolving phlegm and stopping cough. Shanyinhua, Forsythia, and Burdock are used to clear heat and detoxify, and heat is transmitted to the surface. Dahuang is used to clear the organs and relieve lung heat. The formula conforms to the physiological characteristics of the lungs, with the main focus on promoting lung function and eliminating pathogenic factors, clearing and relieving lung heat, resolving phlegm and stopping cough, removing evil energy, eliminating phlegm and fire, and improving cough and phlegm symptoms. During the previous COVID-19, a series of basic and clinical studies on Lianhua Qingke Tablets showed that the drug could significantly improve the cough and expectoration symptoms of COVID-19 patients, improve respiratory function and reduce lung injury. Research has also shown that Lianhua Qingke Tablets have a rapid effect in relieving cough and resolving phlegm, significantly reducing the frequency of coughing and expectoration per unit time, reducing airway hyperresponsiveness caused by airway inflammation, alleviating airway spasms, and having a significant antitussive effect. At the same time, by reducing sputum production, reducing sputum viscosity, promoting sputum discharge, and patenting the respiratory tract. In addition, Lianhua Qingke Tablets also have multiple advantages in treating cough and phlegm caused by diseases such as upper respiratory tract infections, tracheobronchitis, pneumonia, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Based on the effectiveness and safety demonstrated in the basic, clinical research and practice of COVID-19 infection, Lianhua Qingke Tablet has been included in the Guidelines for Home based Traditional Chinese Medicine Intervention of COVID-19 Infected People, Questions and Answers on the Prevention and Treatment of novel coronavirus Infection with Traditional Chinese Medicine (First Edition), and the Guidelines for Grassroots Diagnosis, Treatment and Service of novel coronavirus Infection (First Edition) of the Chinese Medical Association, Recommendation of COVID-19 TCM diagnosis and treatment plan and home guidance in 19 provinces and cities. In the treatment of cough and expectoration of respiratory infectious diseases, Lianhua Qingke Tablet has a relatively complete chain of evidence in terms of safety and effectiveness. It is particularly noteworthy that Lianhua Qingke Tablets have also been listed in the Prevention and Control Plan of traditional Chinese patent medicines and simple preparations for Children COVID-19 Infected Persons of the World Federation of China to cope with the low level epidemic situation of COVID-19 in the beginning of the school season and prevent the fall

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