Advertising services

Outlook new era is an authoritative and high-end all media communication platform.

● cooperation advantages

1、 Authoritative release

Powerful and authoritative media gene, official endorsement, enabling value.

2、 Reach high-end people accurately

Effectively reach high-end political and economic groups such as government decision-making level, enterprise management level and academic authority, accurately publicize and promote, and the value increases sharply.

3、 All media resource matrix, linkage communication

Set up official media matrices such as magazines, websites, wechat and microblog for linkage communication; Combined with domestic front-line mainstream media, vertical portal and outdoor media, it is widely covered.

4、 Tailored, integrated marketing

According to the communication needs of the brand, flexibly provide the most suitable cooperation mode to achieve the service effect of 1 + 1 > 2.

5、 Brand activities, forging benchmarking

Fully open up online and offline channels, and hold large-scale brand activities such as Summit Forum, annual grand ceremony, study tour and exchange; Important leaders, first-line stars and well-known groups are invited on behalf of each other. Based on the high point, maximize the brand effect.

● if you are interested in cooperating, please send an email to outlook new era email , or call 020-81789645.