About us

Outlook new era network is an online large-scale comprehensive information interaction platform. Outlook new era adheres to the purpose of "looking at the times and looking at the world", timely releases the latest comprehensive news information such as current politics, economy and people's livelihood at home and abroad, publicizes the new features and achievements in economic and cultural construction in combination with the major development strategic deployment of the central government, tells the Chinese story well, and becomes an important medium for people from all walks of life at home and abroad to understand and invest in China.

As a comprehensive information release platform, outlook new era has built a multi platform and multi-level integrated media communication matrix, and has cooperated with authoritative media at home and abroad to create all-round high-quality media channels, enhance the construction of communication capacity, and effectively promote the development of media integration.

More information

You can scan the two-dimensional code in the following picture, focusing on the WeChat official account "lookout new era" and "today's lookout".!