How to eat when away from Eryang?


Recently, our friends and relatives have been suffering from secondary infection of COVID-19, which has also attracted many readers' attention. In addition to wearing masks, washing hands frequently, staying up less late, and paying attention to ventilation, what can be done to reduce the risk of "two yang" in life. Director of the Clinical Nutrition Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, Dr. Zhao Yongyi, advises readers from a nutritional perspective. To improve immunity and pay attention to supplementing high-quality protein, Director Zhao Yongyi introduced that to prevent "two positive", it is necessary to pay attention to improving our body's immunity. One of the methods to improve immunity is to pay attention to the intake of high-quality protein, because all cells, including immune cells, immune tissues and organs, rely on protein composition. Milk, eggs and soybean milk can be eaten for breakfast, and meat can be eaten for lunch and dinner (white meat such as fish and chicken is better than red meat such as beef and pork, which has higher fat content). Here is a supplementary reminder: Cantonese people like to cook soup the most. Many people believe that the ingredients that nourish the human body are mainly in the soup, while the delicious level of chicken stewed in the soup decreases, making it more "firewood" to eat and often discarding it. In fact, whether it's chicken soup, meat soup, or fish soup, the protein content of the soup is far lower than the meat itself. Although the taste is delicious, most muscle fiber proteins are difficult to dissolve into the soup, and the protein content is usually only 1-2%. Compared to meat chunks with a protein content of 15-20%, they are much inferior. Do you need to supplement high-quality protein by eating protein powder? Zhao Yongyi introduced that as long as healthy individuals have a balanced diet and a reasonable combination, there is no need to add extra protein. Adding too much protein can increase the metabolic burden on the kidneys. A balanced diet is a common saying that there are reasons to improve immunity, stay away from the "two yang", and pay attention to supplementing high-quality protein while also not neglecting a balanced diet. That is to say, every meal should have high-quality protein, carbohydrates, appropriate fats, dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins. When it comes to balanced diet, many readers may think it's a clich é, but there are reasons for repeatedly emphasizing it. Zhao Yongyi explained that there is also the barrel effect in nutrition. How much water a barrel can hold does not depend on the longest wooden board, but on the shortest wooden board. If there is an uneven board or a hole under a certain board, the barrel cannot hold enough water. Previously, there was a fitness enthusiast who ate 10 eggs and two apples per meal and didn't eat anything else. In a short period of time, he lost 30 pounds, but he had various health problems and had to seek medical attention from Director Zhao Yongyi. It is not difficult to eat a balanced diet. Zhao Yongyi suggested that milk (or soybean milk), eggs, staple food and one or two fruits should be served for breakfast; Chinese and dinner meals can be served with staple foods, vegetables, meat, and soy products. Vitamin A and vitamin C can help improve immunity. In addition, increasing the intake of vitamin A and vitamin C in moderation can also help improve the body's immunity. Vitamin A is mainly present in dark vegetables and fruits, such as vegetable moss, broccoli, carrots, etc; The vitamin C content in vegetables and fruits is relatively high. In addition, iron, zinc, and selenium also help improve immunity, which can be obtained from meat, shrimp

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