Who needs physical examination after "Yangkang"?


"Around the Spring Festival this year, the demand for physical examination of the 'Yangkang' population has increased significantly. The number of people coming to the hospital for physical examination in January was 1.53 times that of the same period last year. This shows that after three years of anti-epidemic, everyone's health management literacy has improved." said Zhang Hongxuan, director of the Guangdong Provincial Cadre Health Management Center of Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, "But it doesn't mean that everyone should arrange a physical examination immediately after" Yangkang ", nor does it mean that everyone should have a chest CT after" Yangkang "." Which people need a physical examination in time after "Yangkang"? Zhang Hongxuan said that if young people who are in good health at ordinary times only cough after "Yang Kang" or suffer from throat discomfort due to throat infection, they need not worry too much. Simply check the physical examination or arrange the annual physical examination plan as usual. If there are still many aspects of discomfort after "Yangkang", targeted screening can be carried out. For example, some people with symptoms such as heart discomfort, insomnia, and repeated fever after infection with COVID-19 can be tested for inflammatory indicators such as blood routine test and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein test, which is helpful to indicate whether there is or is associated with bacterial infection; Low dose chest CT plain scan can be performed to see whether it causes viral pneumonia; It can also detect myocardial damage markers such as cardiac enzymes to prevent long-term inflammation from causing myocardial damage; In case of cardiac discomfort, cardiac color Doppler ultrasound or 12-channel conventional ECG can be performed. Special attention should be paid to chronic diseases, basic diseases and the elderly. If you have symptoms that are unacceptable to you, you should carry out systematic screening in time to prevent the underlying disease from aggravating or threatening life after infection with COVID-19. For example, people who are undergoing immunosuppressive therapy, tumor patients, etc., can be evaluated for immune function such as lymphocyte subpopulation count, T cell factor detection, etc. In particular, people over 50 who fail to have regular physical examination at ordinary times can be reminded to do a health comb after "Yangkang" and conduct scientific health management according to the results of physical examination. (Outlook New Era)

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