Watch out for children suffering from "Spring Festival oral disease" during the Chinese New Year


The Spring Festival is coming, and it's the happiest time for children. You can eat enough sweets and desserts. However, in this way, the child's teeth can be "stressful". Gao Jie, deputy director of the children's Stomatology Department of the municipal stomatological hospital, suggested that after the Spring Festival every year, there will be a small peak of medical treatment in the children's stomatology department. It is approaching the Spring Festival. Parents should not forget to care for their children's oral health to prevent "Spring Festival oral diseases". Pay attention to children's teeth from "hard injury" Gao Jie said that the situation of children running and fighting, accidentally falling and hurting their teeth can be encountered every Spring Festival. In addition, during the Spring Festival, there are nuts on every table. The children's teeth are not strong enough. It is possible that their teeth will collapse when they bite down. Parents should pay special attention to their children and try not to let their children's teeth have such "hard wounds". Eat snacks and drink drinks in moderation Gao Jie said that during the Spring Festival, children most often encounter oral problems, which are gum swelling and pain and toothache caused by acute pulpitis. Generally speaking, it means that the "gums" are swollen, and then involve toothache or even face swelling. The causes of acute pulpitis are related to irregular work and rest and irregular diet. It's winter vacation and Spring Festival. It's common for children to take some snacks and open a bottle of drinks at home. However, children's control is weak. Once they overdose and can't brush their teeth in time, they may have all kinds of oral problems. In addition to acute pulpitis, gum bleeding and even periodontal inflammation are common children's tooth "Spring Festival disease". Can help children prevent Gao Jie said that during the Spring Festival, parents can pay attention to some details to help their children stay away from dental diseases, such as letting their children drink less carbonated drinks. In addition, parents should consciously help their children balance their diet, eat less spicy and hot food, and let their children eat more vegetables, fruits and foods rich in crude fiber. In addition, we should urge children to brush their teeth well. Two times in the morning and evening can't be less. You can rinse your mouth with water after dinner. It is possible that children are tired of playing outside during the day and want to go to bed when they go home at night. At this time, parents must supervise their children to brush their teeth. If they don't brush their teeth at night, it will cause a large number of anaerobic bacteria in the mouth and induce various dental diseases. In addition, if possible, parents can prepare some children's toothpaste with anti caries function for their children. (outlook new era)

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