Low calorie, sugar and salt reducing takeout also leads to weight loss


Delivery is not only a part of modern life, but also an important channel to reflect a healthy lifestyle. Mixed grains mixed with rice, light buckwheat noodles... Nowadays, takeout meals are also "slimming down", low calorie and low sugar foods are popular, and whole grain and mixed grain foods have become popular trends. In 2023, the Chinese catering market will usher in a wave of revival, and new market demand will continue to be stimulated in 2024. Ai Media Consulting predicts that the scale of the catering consumer market will grow to 5484.7 billion yuan. Against this favorable development background, major catering brands are accelerating their store expansion and synchronously promoting the development of online food delivery business. Data shows that the online food delivery market in China is also growing rapidly, with a market size of 1525.4 billion yuan in 2023 and expected to reach 1956.7 billion yuan by 2027. According to recent data released by, as of December 2023, the number of online food delivery users in China has reached 545 million, accounting for 49.9% of the total number of internet users. Moreover, people have higher requirements for the nutritional and health aspects of selling to the public. Among them, the increasing richness of diet, the popularity of whole grain and miscellaneous grain foods, the popularity of low calorie foods, the emphasis on fruit intake, the reduction of saccharification in beverages, and the enhancement of salt reduction awareness are worth paying attention to. "Coarse grains" are more popular than "fine grains". The Chinese Dietary Guidelines for Residents (2022) recommend a variety of foods, reasonable combinations, and whole grains as an important component of a balanced diet. In recent years, the popularity of whole grains and whole grain foods has shown an increasing concern for healthy eating. Whole grains, brown rice, miscellaneous grains, miscellaneous beans, oats, buckwheat, corn, millet, Job's tears, quinoa, barley, and other grains are all considered "star" grains in the minds of health food enthusiasts. According to data from delivery platforms, the number of dishes labeled as whole grain food in 2023 was 1.8 times higher than in 2019. At the same time, more and more people are paying attention to the nutritional value of coarse grains. Coarse grains are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc., which help promote digestion, control weight, and prevent chronic diseases. In the takeout data, the compound growth rate of coarse grain rice in the past five years is 15.0%, which is about 5 times that of white rice; The compound growth rate of buckwheat flour products in the past five years is 22.3%, which is about twice the growth rate of white flour products. How to order a low calorie takeout? Fried chicken breast with buckwheat flour, whole wheat bread with vegan salad, chicken legs with mixed grains and rice... The demand for weight control in fitness and fat reduction has made low calorie takeout popular. People's impression of selling food with heavy oil and salt is changing. Data shows that the number of takeout restaurants providing low calorie food in 2023 has increased by more than four times compared to 2019, and the number of products has increased by 2.5 times. On the social platform, "low card takeout" became a hot word in related topics, and netizens enthusiastically shared how to order a low card takeout: the breakfast pancakes are not refueling sticks and crispy, and less sauce; Spicy Hot Pot chooses clear soup, no oil, no starch balls; For light salads, choose those with more protein and fewer staple foods. For cloud dumplings, fresh shrimp filling is preferred, and a portion of lettuce can be added; Mix rice and order the "children's version", the portion is just right. Fruits and seafood are also showing a growth trend in takeout orders. During the afternoon tea break, the popularity of fruit based foods such as fruit cutting and fruit harvesting is no less than that of exquisite desserts and cakes. Protein rich aquatic products are also more commonly seen in takeout menus, with frozen sashimi delivered to your door and a taste that is as good as freshly cut ones; Spicy and flavorful snails are a great companion for watching dramas; The fresh and delicious grouper can also be eaten with confidence during the fat loss period. Data shows that in the past four years, the compound annual growth rate of shellfish is 34.8%, freshwater fish is 27.7%, seawater fish is 38.1%, and crab is 44.7%. Low sugar tea drinks have become popular, and young people who love to drink milk tea but are worried about their health have this conflicting mentality that makes healthy drinks such as low sugar tea stand out. Among them, low sugar tea drinks received much attention in 2024, and the sales of this track have achieved nearly tenfold growth in five years. Many brands have joined in, hoping to take advantage of the healthy trend of reducing sugar and get a share of the pie. According to incomplete statistics, from the beginning of 2024 to April 22, 32 brands have successively launched new products of low sugar tea and sugar free tea. Among them, there are both "evergreen" tea categories such as Longjing tea and Oolong tea, as well as popular new products such as coconut water, Ximei Duoduo, and 0-sugar raw coconut that have added to the list. In recent years, the trend of people's demand for the sweetness of beverages has been to reduce saccharification, with low sugar, low sugar, or even no sugar. Nearly 70% of tea consumers choose low sugar content, while only 32% choose standard sugar. Milk tea should have less sugar and stir fried vegetables should have less salt. The data shows that the average daily cooking salt used by the takeout population is 9.3 grams, a decrease of 1.2 grams from 2015. The proportion of takeout orders that choose the "less salt" label has also rapidly increased, reaching 28.2% in 2023. (Lai Xin She)

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