The National Health Commission has released a new version of myopia prevention and treatment guidelines


The National Health Commission recently released the "Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Myopia (2024 Edition)", which proposes four methods for correcting and controlling myopia: wearing frame glasses, corneal contact lenses, using low concentration atropine eye drops, and surgical correction. In 2018, relevant institutions issued the "Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Myopia". This time, led by the National Health Commission, the National Blindness Prevention Technical Guidance Group has been organized to revise the old version of the guidelines based on the latest academic research progress at home and abroad. Compared to the old guidelines, the new guidelines have updated the "corrective measures for simple myopia" to "correction and control of myopia", proposing that individuals with simple myopia not only need to use appropriate methods to correct and obtain clear far vision, but it is also important for children and adolescents to adopt effective intervention measures to control the speed of near vision progression and avoid rapid growth of myopia. The guidelines propose that the correction and control of myopia include wearing frame glasses, corneal contact lenses, using low concentration atropine eye drops under the guidance of professional doctors, and surgical correction. Wang Ningli, the leader of the National Blindness Prevention Technology Guidance Group, reminded that myopia correction surgery changes the refractive power of the eye through surgical means. The structure of the fundus of myopic patients has not changed after surgery, especially for high myopia patients. Due to the elongation of the eye axis and the presence of pathological changes in the fundus, these changes still exist and have not fundamentally cured myopia. Therefore, after surgery, it is still necessary to pay attention to eye hygiene just like before surgery. For myopic individuals with changes in the fundus, regular fundus examinations are still necessary. In addition, instruments such as corneal reshaping lenses and multifocal soft lenses, as well as low concentration atropine eye drops, are measures to control the progression of myopia, and their use cannot fundamentally cure myopia. The guide introduces that outdoor activities can effectively prevent and control myopia in children and adolescents. Children and adolescents should first ensure a sufficient amount of outdoor activity time, with no less than 2 hours of outdoor activity per day; Not only should we engage in more outdoor activities during breaks in school, but also actively engage in outdoor activities after school and on weekends with the participation of family leaders, parents, or guardians. Wang Ningli said that prevention and control plays an important role in reducing the incidence rate of myopia and the occurrence of high myopia. At the same time, it should be noted that pathological myopia related fundus diseases have become one of the main causes of irreversible blindness in China. People should attach great importance to the treatment of pathological myopia related fundus lesions and complications, implement timely intervention measures, and reduce disability and blindness. (Lai Xin She)

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