Eating more vegetables and fruits can help improve sleep


A healthy body depends on a healthy diet, adequate exercise, and sleep. There is a clear correlation between these factors, for example, sufficient exercise helps maintain sufficient sleep. So what is the impact of nutrition on sleep? A new study focuses on the relationship between fruit and vegetable intake and sleep time, and finds that eating more fruits and vegetables may be more likely to help people achieve optimal sleep duration. This study was conducted by a team consisting of the University of Helsinki in Finland, the National Institute of Health and Welfare in Finland, and the University of Applied Sciences in Turku, and was recently published in the journal Frontiers of Nutrition. A total of 5043 adults aged 18 and above (55.9% female; average age 55) submitted a questionnaire containing 134 questions to the researchers, covering their composition and frequency of daily food intake in the past 12 months, as well as reporting their sleep type (tendency to sleep at certain times of the day) and typical sleep time within 24 hours. From these questionnaire surveys, researchers identified three types of sleep: short sleep time (less than 7 hours per day), normal sleep time (7-9 hours per day), and long sleep time (more than 9 hours per day). Most participants (61.7%) classified themselves as intermediate sleep types. In the survey results, researchers noticed that people with normal sleep time had higher intake of fruits and vegetables than those who slept short and long. However, consuming different types of fruits and vegetables can produce different results. Researchers explain that there are significant differences in the intake of green leafy vegetables, root vegetables, and fruits and vegetables (such as tomatoes and cucumbers) between individuals with normal sleep time and those with short or long sleep. The lower the intake of fruits and vegetables, the more likely it is that the sleep time is too short or too long. (Lai Xin She)

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