How to prevent recurrent gout attacks


Gout attacks are caused by blood uric acid exceeding its saturation in the blood or tissue fluid, leading to the formation and deposition of sodium urate crystals in the joint area, triggering an acute inflammatory response in the joint area. During acute attacks, many gout patients may feel intense and unbearable pain. What issues should be noted in the treatment of gout? Cheng Yongjing, chief physician of the Rheumatology and Immunology Department at Beijing Hospital, said that hyperuricemia is a prerequisite for the occurrence of gout. Although high levels of uric acid may not necessarily cause gout, the damage caused by hyperuricemia is intangible. The higher the level of uric acid, the greater the probability of arthritis, kidney disease, and other complications. For hyperuricemia, patients who meet the indications need to be treated as soon as possible under the guidance of a doctor. "Some patients believe that since gout is caused by hyperuricemia, it is not right to immediately lower uric acid during the acute phase of the attack." Cheng Yongjing said that the most important measure to take during the acute phase of gout is to undergo anti-inflammatory and analgesic treatment to control joint inflammation. Excessive use of uric acid lowering therapy during acute exacerbations can cause a sudden drop in blood uric acid levels, leading to the sudden shedding of urate crystals and prolonged acute arthritis. Of course, if the patient has been using uric acid lowering drugs before, do not suddenly stop during the attack period. The correct approach is to adjust uric acid lowering drugs under the guidance of a professional doctor after the acute attack is under control. How to prevent recurrent gout attacks? Cheng Yongjing introduced that on the one hand, gout patients need long-term treatment to lower uric acid levels. Choosing uric acid lowering drugs should be done under the guidance of a professional doctor, and should not be stopped or the drug dosage reduced on their own. On the other hand, based on drug control, it is necessary to gradually improve lifestyle and achieve the ideal state of gradually discontinuing uric acid lowering drugs. Cheng Yongjing said that in daily life, it is important to pay attention to reducing behaviors that can easily trigger gout attacks, such as avoiding sudden vigorous exercise or catching a cold, reducing the intake of fructose rich beverages, and avoiding excessive drinking at once. Reduce the intake of high purine foods, drink more water, have a regular diet and schedule, and exercise regularly. (Lai Xin She)

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