28 Measures taken by the National Health Commission to Improve Medical Quality


The National Health Commission and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine have recently released the "Action Plan for Comprehensive Improvement of Medical Quality (2023-2025)", deciding to jointly carry out a three-year comprehensive improvement of medical quality nationwide. This action proposes 28 specific measures and 5 special actions from the dimensions of basic quality and safety management, key links and behavior management, and quality and safety management system construction. The main content includes three aspects: strengthening basic quality and safety management, and consolidating structural quality. Guide medical institutions at or above the second level to improve and implement the organizational system, institutional system, working mechanism, and core elements of medical quality and safety management, as well as medical personnel, pharmaceutical equipment, medical technology, etc., and focus on strengthening the quality and safety management of weak links such as emergency, outpatient, daytime, surgery, and patient follow-up. Strengthen key links and behavior management to improve process quality. The deployment will focus on 10 aspects, including daily diagnosis and treatment behavior, patient assessment, three-tier rounds, rational drug use, inspection and testing, medical record quality, consultation behavior, emergency and critical patient treatment, patient safety management, and nursing services, to guide medical institutions to improve the quality and safety of the whole diagnosis and treatment process. Weave a dense quality management network and improve the working mechanism. Require the health administrative department to further improve the quality control system and work mechanism, strengthen the disclosure of quality and safety information, explore the establishment of a "quality first" performance management mechanism, and strengthen goal orientation in work, fully leverage the baton role of assessment and evaluation, and supervise and guide medical institutions to implement relevant work requirements. At the same time, five special actions have been set up, namely, the operation quality and safety improvement action, the "wall breaking" action, the medical record connotation quality improvement action, the patient safety special action, and the "web weaving" action. Specific requirements and objectives have been proposed for the operation quality and safety management, the establishment of the "disease chain" diagnosis and treatment model, the medical record connotation quality, the patient safety management, and the construction of the quality control organization system. (Outlook New Era Network)

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