Traditional Chinese medicine philosophy broadens the treatment path for eye diseases


The opening ceremony of the "Third International Week of Chinese Medicine and Integrative Chinese and Western Medicine Ophthalmology Seminar" was recently held in the Eye Hospital of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. This activity week was hosted by the Eye Hospital of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences and co organized by the China Norway Traditional Chinese Medicine Center. The attending experts focused on topics such as visual rehabilitation, optic nerve atrophy, retinal vein occlusion, and the treatment of dry eyes with traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and conducted discussions around the treatment of eye diseases with traditional Chinese medicine and a combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine. Experts attending the meeting stated that the application of traditional Chinese medicine concepts in clinical eye diseases not only broadens the treatment path of eye diseases, but also promotes the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medicine. In the treatment of ophthalmic diseases, traditional Chinese medicine has brought new hope to patients for ophthalmic diseases that do not have better treatment methods, or for eye diseases that cannot be cured and are mainly treated symptomatically. (Outlook New Era Network)

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