New method causes cancer cells to die from stress


An international research team from Sweden and France has successfully developed a method that can kill invasive brain tumors - glioblastoma. By blocking certain functions in cells with docking molecules, researchers can cause cancer to die from stress. The relevant research is published in the latest issue of iScience magazine. Cancer cells, especially those that form invasive tumors, are like runaway trains traveling at high speeds, in a state of immense stress and tension. In order to manage this pressure, cancer cells "hijack" the mechanisms used by healthy cells to regulate protein production and process the excess proteins they produce. Leif Erikson, a professor of physical chemistry at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, said that they have now successfully prevented this "hijacking" by inserting a specially developed molecule into the cell to suppress these adaptive mechanisms of "hijacking" in cancer cells, thereby allowing cancer to self destruct. Using supercomputers and advanced simulation technology, researchers have developed a molecule that can cross the blood-brain barrier that protects brain tissue. This breakthrough applies to glioblastoma. Research has found that the combination of new substances and chemotherapy is sufficient to completely kill tumors while also preventing recurrence. Due to the compression of the tumor to death, all cancer cells disappeared, and in animal experiments conducted on mice, the cancer did not recur after 200 days. In a comparative experiment that only received chemotherapy, brain tumors recurred and grew rapidly after 100 days. Researchers have not yet discovered the side effects of the new therapy. Animals receiving treatment maintain their weight without significant behavioral changes. Although further research is needed, extensive cell testing has shown that even at very high doses, this substance is non-toxic to healthy cells. (Outlook New Era Network)

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