The reimbursement rate of local medical insurance of domestic COVID-19 Pharmaceutical reaches 95%, and the maximum self payment is as low as 30 yuan


With the normalization of COVID-19 epidemic prevention, the storage and use of COVID-19 drugs have become more popular. The reporter from China Business News recently learned from Nanjing Medical Security Bureau that according to the latest medical insurance reimbursement policy, domestic COVID-19 Pharmaceutical can pay up to 30 yuan at its own expense. According to the Notice on the Payment Scope of Basic Medical Insurance for Temporary Admission of COVID-19 Therapeutic Drugs and the Adjustment of the Payment Proportion of Some Drugs issued by the Nanjing Municipal Medical Security Bureau, the domestic COVID-19 drug Xiannuoxin (combined packaging of Cenotevir/Litonavir), the proportion of individual self payment in advance is 5%, and the proportion of individual self payment in advance is 10%. Specifically, taking Xiannuoxin, which has the highest reimbursement rate for medical insurance, as an example, its selling price is 630 yuan/box, with an individual paying 5%, which is 31.5 yuan. The remaining 95% reimbursement rate is determined based on whether the patient is hospitalized, age, and whether they are employed, ranging from 30% to 100%. In an interview with the media, Chen Chong, the first level chief staff member of the Medical Service Management Office of Nanjing Medical Security Bureau, introduced to the reporter of First Finance and Economics that this new policy can reduce the drug burden of people, meet their drug demand, and improve the accessibility of COVID-19 drugs. On March 28 this year, the National Health Insurance Bureau issued the Notice on Improving the Price Formation Mechanism of COVID-19 Therapeutic Drugs and Implementing Classified Management. Many domestic antiviral drugs can enjoy temporary medical insurance payments, and each region will stipulate the reimbursement ratio according to the actual situation. After the expiration of Pfizer's temporary medical insurance policy this year, the current pricing for Pfizer's Paxlovid (Nematovir/Litonavir tablets) is 1890 yuan/box in public hospitals and 2170 yuan/box in non-public medical institutions, both of which require self payment. Since this year, the state has specially approved the listing of three domestic COVID-19 innovative drugs. Xiannuoxin, Paxlovid and the two drugs are antiviral drugs developed with 3CL as the target, and they are included in the Diagnosis and Treatment Plan for novel coronavirus Infection (Tenth Edition for Trial Implementation). At the peak of COVID-19's first wave of COVID-19's positive, many patients can only use traditional cold medicines such as ibuprofen. Xiansheng Pharmaceutical, the manufacturer of Xiannuoxin, responded to the reporter of China Business News: "Xiannuoxin's production capacity has gone through a ramp up period, and now we have no problem in maintaining our drug production capacity, and patients can use more antiviral drugs." At present, the popular COVID-19 mutant in China is XBB. Is the previously developed COVID-19 antiviral drugs still effective? Professor Wang Guiqiang, Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Peking University First Hospital, stated that "the highly conserved nature of 3CL targets remains effective against XBB variants. (Outlook New Era Network)

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