Experts solve the problem of "the most toxic breast cancer" precise immunotherapy or achieve non-invasive liquid biopsy


Breast cancer is the highest incidence of malignant tumors among women in the world. Among them, triple negative breast cancer is known as "the most toxic breast cancer" because of its highest malignancy, short survival time and lack of effective treatment targets. The reporter learned on the 18th that Professor Shao Zhimin and Professor Jiang Yizhou from the Cancer Hospital affiliated to Fudan University had obtained new research results, which provided a new direction for solving the problem of precision immunotherapy of triple negative breast cancer. They revealed a cell subpopulation called "CCL19+dendritic cells", which plays a key role in the treatment of triple negative breast cancer; Through further research, it is confirmed that the targeted non-invasive immunotherapy testing program - CCL19 level detection can guide the more accurate implementation of immunotherapy in triple negative breast cancer patients. Based on this, doctors only need to extract 1 milliliter of blood and after half an hour of analysis, they can issue the relevant report. The latest issue of the internationally renowned medical journal Med published this research result in the form of a cover paper. In recent years, many clinical trials have confirmed that immunotherapy has become a promising treatment for triple negative breast cancer, but some patients are still difficult to benefit. How to accurately screen the population with effective treatment and further improve the efficacy of triple negative breast cancer immunotherapy is a clinical problem that needs to be solved urgently. The tumor microenvironment is the "soil" on which tumors rely for survival. Finding key cell subsets to improve the effect of precise treatment is an important direction of breast cancer treatment research. As one of the most important innate immune cells, dendritic cells play a key role as "scouts" in the tumor microenvironment. There is still a lack of systematic research on which type of dendritic cell subpopulation is the most important for precise targeted immunotherapy. Professor Shao Zhimin told reporters that the study used "first-hand" data from clinical trial sources to complete a comprehensive analysis of multiple cohorts and ethnicities. Researchers have found that CCL19+dendritic cells are a group of functionally mature cell subpopulations with efficient immune regulation ability. In tumors with this type of cell, immune killing ability is highly activated. They found that CCL19+dendritic cells play an important "bridge" role in anti-tumor immunity, playing a synergistic role with immunotherapy. Through multiple clinical trials at home and abroad, researchers have found that not only is the level of CCL19 in tumors correlated with the efficacy of immunotherapy, but plasma CCL19 levels can also predict the efficacy of immunotherapy. This means that it is possible to achieve non-invasive monitoring of immunotherapy patients, achieve dynamic prediction of efficacy, adjust treatment plans in a timely manner, and improve patient prognosis. At present, relevant research has applied for an invention patent. Professor Jiang Yizhou stated that currently, tumor diagnosis and efficacy testing mainly rely on invasive tissue biopsy, which not only causes great trauma to patients, but also takes a long time and is expensive. Non invasive liquid biopsy, which collects relevant information from peripheral blood, can be simple, non-invasive, fast, and low-cost. It overcomes the two pain points of low prediction efficiency of previous markers and the need for invasive tissue biopsy. It can effectively improve the treatment effect of triple negative breast cancer while reducing the medical and economic burden of patients. (Outlook New Era Network)

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