World Obesity Day: Please keep the strategy of reasonable eating and drinking in the exercise stage


March 4, 2023 is the "World Obesity Day". The theme of this year's activity is "Obesity prevention and control is our responsibility". It emphasizes that obesity prevention and control need the joint efforts of the whole society. Especially now, spring is coming, and summer is not far away. Everyone's voice for losing weight is getting higher and higher. Of course, in addition to finding that everyone has stepped up their legs together, many people have also implemented the action of keeping their mouth shut. It is said that weight loss "depends on movement for three points and eating for seven points". Weight loss cannot depend on hunger. When hungry, the body will first use the sugar in the blood to supply energy, and then liver glycogen and muscle glycogen. Even if you do not eat, fat consumption is very small. Sometimes you don't have to be too strict with yourself. Eating in the right way will make you gain better weight loss effect when exercising. Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are three major energy-supplying nutrients that "perform their duties". Many people will be very strict with themselves once they exercise. They simply think that if they don't eat this, they will lose weight. However, it is ignored that the main sources of energy for our body are carbohydrates, fats and proteins. It is important to have a comprehensive nutrition during weight loss. The food you eat should be clean. Carbon water is the main source of sugar intake for our body. In our normal diet, 55% of energy should be supplied by sugar. If it is lower than 55%, we will lack sugar and affect our health. Conversely, more than 55% of sugar will be converted into fat for storage. Too much sugar will turn into fat for storage, and eating fat will directly turn into fat storage. When sugar is lacking for a long time, fat is the last guarantee for our survival. The problem with fat is that it is slow to provide energy. The body has designed an insurance mechanism that is to decompose protein to provide energy. I believe everyone has had an experience. If you don't eat in time when you are hungry, the hunger will disappear after a while. The so-called "hungry" feeling is that when the sugar is consumed but not replenished in time, the body can't wait for the fat to slowly convert into energy and directly extract energy from the protein emergency turnover account. However, protein is the material that makes up our body. It can be said that there is no life without protein. The breakdown of protein provides energy. Only when the protein is fully replenished can the body's various skills function normally. That is to say, it is not so easy to eat what is really nutritious to make you fat. If the food you eat is useless for the construction and maintenance of your body, the vitality of your body will be reduced due to lack of nutrition, and too much energy will not be consumed before it becomes fat. Especially carbon water, many people do not eat carbon water as soon as they lose weight, which affects their body functions. At present, the world's mainstream nutrition generally suggests that the carbon and water should not be less than 120-130 grams per day. Our country also recommends this amount, which is the minimum requirement of human carbohydrate. How to eat and drink reasonably during the exercise stage? 1. Drink water properly: Drink more water during exercise, which should be the habit of everyone who is exercising. People who lose weight need 1000ml of water to metabolize 1kg of fat, and the body is not able to fully metabolize adipose tissue due to insufficient water in the body, resulting in

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