There are a total of 114.671 million Young Pioneers in the country


The reporter learned from the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League that as of December 31, 2022, there were a total of 114.671 million Young Pioneers in China, according to statistics from the National Youth Work Committee. There are 261000 grassroots work committees nationwide. Among them, there are 200000 youth committees in primary and secondary schools, and 61000 off campus youth committees in urban and rural communities, youth palaces, and other areas. There are a total of 20.1 million Young Pioneer Brigades and 2.874 million squadrons in primary and secondary schools across the country. There are a total of 6.233 million Young Pioneer counselors nationwide. Among them, there are 4000 chief counselors of the provincial, municipal, and county-level Young Pioneers, 20.1000 counselors of the primary and secondary school brigade, 2.931 million counselors of the squadron, and 3.097 million off campus counselors of the Young Pioneers. (New News Agency)

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