Land and air! A brigade of the 75th Group Army and a joint air force unit carry out live combat exercises


On the Southern Spring Night, as the urgent air defense alarm rang through the camp, a nighttime live combat drill conducted by a brigade of the 75th Group Army and a joint air force unit opened the battle scene. The chariots roared and the personnel were in position... Upon receiving a maneuver command, the various types of combat vehicles of the brigade quickly drove out of the barracks gate in accordance with the combat formation and galloped towards the predetermined combat area. "The goal of building a strong military urges people to forge ahead, and we must firmly promote the training and preparation of troops with a sense of urgency, mission, and responsibility that cannot be waited for." The brigade leader introduced that in order to promote the improvement of quality and efficiency in the construction of combat effectiveness, the officers and soldiers of the entire brigade seize every day and speed up their efforts to carry out research and development of topics, closely focus on the weak points of the short board, organize research and training of combat methods, and establish a normalized joint exercise and training mechanism with a certain unit of the friendly neighboring air force. The two sides serve as "sharpening stones" for each other, Work together to win hard work. A small group of "enemy agents" harassed and were subjected to "enemy" aerial reconnaissance... The marching echelon had just left the camp, and special circumstances followed. Relying on the rich experience accumulated in daily training, the officers and soldiers participating in the performance calmly responded and flexibly handled various special situations. Upon arriving at the predetermined operational area, the commander of a battalion of the brigade, Wang Mingcheng, immediately dispatched an advance team to conduct position reconnaissance. After confirming safety, each fire unit quickly occupies the position. Equipment deployment, chain building and networking, search for targets... At one time, chariots shuttle, radar hovers, a busy scene. "Found 'enemy aircraft'!" The special notice suddenly arrived, and the officers and soldiers were instantly nervous. Surprisingly, the "enemy aircraft" were only hovering around the edge of the firing range, with no intention of attacking. Just as officers and soldiers were puzzled, another "enemy aircraft" quietly launched a low altitude raid using nearby mountains as cover. In a flash, a chariot was "destroyed" and several trumpeters were "killed". "Due to strong electromagnetic interference, communication signals were interrupted." As the "enemy" air offensive became increasingly fierce, the battlefield situation was not optimistic. Wang Mingcheng immediately switched communication mode to continue commanding, and radar operator Fan Jiejie synchronously launched anti jamming operations to capture the target again. The fighter plane was fleeting. Wang Mingcheng decisively issued a launch order, and the "enemy aircraft" was successfully shot down. "Only by continuously refining their fighting skills and enhancing their sense of urgency to be ready to fight can they remain invincible in the future battlefield." The brigade leaders told reporters that they were closely following the changes in technology, war, and opponents, deeply studying and refining their fighting methods, and regularly organizing joint training and confrontation training under practical conditions with a certain air force department. They honed the sword of air defense in a practical manner, and successively completed cross regional resident training Major exercises and training tasks such as red and blue live combat have effectively improved the combat effectiveness of the troops. In the early hours of the morning, the battle remained fierce. After several hours of continuous fighting, the participating officers and soldiers were very tired. Li Guohua, the instructor of a missile battalion, conducted battlefield mobilization through a radio station, calling on officers and soldiers to continue to fight hard. The bugler at each battle position kept an eye on the "enemy situation" dynamics and was ready to face the battle at any time. "War does not pick the day, and there is no intermission in preparation for war. We organize nighttime live combat drills to minimize the distance between training and actual combat, and always maintain a state of 'bow full and armor sleeping'." Li Guohua said that only when the string of preparation for war is tightened, can actual combat training become more solid and effective. Transferring battle positions, adjusting position configurations, and resisting multiple batches of targets... The east is dawning, and the dawn is dawning

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