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How did Chinese films catch on from the New Year's Day to the Spring Festival?


According to the preliminary statistics of the National Film Administration, the box office of the 2023 Spring Festival (January 21-27) was 6.758 billion yuan, second only to 7.842 billion yuan of the 2021 Spring Festival, ranking second in the box office of the same period in Chinese film history. The spring of cinema has returned, and the hope of the film industry has also returned. In order to heat up the market and accelerate the recovery of the film industry, various film and television companies have produced excellent works, making the number of films released this year's Spring Festival as much as 2021, reaching 7. In addition, the structure of films released this year's Spring Festival is balanced, and the types of films are diverse, providing the audience with rich choices. On the second day after the end of the Spring Festival (January 28), the national box office was still 763 million yuan, which made people full of imagination and expectation for the "post Spring Festival". According to the satisfaction survey of Chinese film audiences, the satisfaction of the Spring Festival in 2023 was 87.1, the highest score since 2015. In line with this, the seven films scored 7.1 points on average in Douban, which was still the highest score in the Spring Festival, although it was slightly lower than at the beginning of the schedule. At the Huaxia Youjiahui Cinema in Chang'an District, Xi'an City, citizens bought tickets to watch the film. In the seven films, "Man Jianghong" uses the means of continuous reversal of suspense to tell the family and country feelings to the soul; The pattern of "Wandering Earth 2" has been upgraded, and audiences generally believe that the quality of "Wandering Earth 2" is better than the first one; "Bears Appear and Appear with Me" Bear Heart "has played a surprisingly stable role, and continues to increase confidence for the big IP effect; Unnamed is a work with the nature of mystery, which combines commercial and artistic elements with exquisite and delicate techniques; "The Deep Sea" is gorgeous, and its innovative use of animation technology is amazing; "Exchange Life" is a pure comedy with New Year's temperament. Although the score is not high, it is still loved by many audiences; "China's Table Tennis Jedi Counterattack", which was decided to be withdrawn two days after its release, has accumulated public praise and can be expected in the future. The vitality reflected in this year's Spring Festival archives is due to the overall quality of the film. In the pursuit of a happy and peaceful atmosphere of the Spring Festival, the works of the Spring Festival archives have not dropped the chain and have withstood the test of public praise from the audience. From the perspective of the film viewing consumption enthusiasm released from this year's Spring Festival, the audience's demand for film viewing has always been strong. As long as there is a golden schedule, as long as they are given enough reasons to enter the cinema, they will not be stingy with their wallets. More importantly, Chinese films and audiences have completed a good interaction through the Spring Festival, which has increased confidence in each other and injected a strong impetus for the development of the film industry. Looking back on the formation and development of the Spring Festival Festival, we can find that this special schedule, which embodies entertainment consumption, family reunion and people's expectations, has surpassed the summer season to some extent and become the most important schedule of Chinese films. Strictly speaking, the history of this important period is not long. It was born out of the once-glorious New Year's Festival. On December 24, 1997, the release of "Party A and Party B" directed by Feng Xiaogang extended the concept of New Year's movie "Hongfan District", which was brought into the mainland two years ago, to the New Year's Festival. Since then, the New Year's Festival with 80 or 90 days of battle has become the most valued and concerned period in the next decade. Released before the Spring Festival in 2010《

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