Human and nature coexist harmoniously. The General Secretary emphasized wetland protection


February 2 is World Wetland Day. This year's theme is "Wetland Restoration". Since ancient times, human beings have lived by water, and civilization has been born with water. However, due to the intensification of the contradiction between protection and utilization, more than 35% of the world's natural wetlands have disappeared in the past 50 years. China's wetland area is 56.35 million hectares, accounting for about 4% of the world. In the new era, with the acceleration of the construction of ecological civilization in China, the important ecological functions of wetlands such as regulating climate and maintaining biodiversity are further highlighted. "We should take the energy to hold the green mountains firmly and strengthen comprehensive management, systematic management and source management according to the concept that mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and grasses are a life community". The General Secretary, on the basis of adhering to the concept of protecting wetlands, put forward a "good recipe" for scientific restoration. This is not the first time that the General Secretary has investigated wetland ecology during his investigation in Yunnan. Wetland is a unique ecosystem formed by the interaction of water and land. To play the function of flood storage and drought prevention of wetland, it is necessary to deal with the relationship between human and water. On August 19, 2020, when inspecting the water regime of Chaohu Lake in Anhui Province, the General Secretary pointed out that we should adhere to the positioning and planning of the ecological wetland flood storage area to prevent encroachment and encroachment. "After the flood recedes, we should prevent the phenomenon of water receding and people advancing in the flood storage area. If we want to achieve harmony between people and nature, we cannot compete with nature for development space." The general secretary warned in detail. With the improvement of people's needs for a better life, urban wetland has become a more important recreational space, closely related to people's well-being. The General Secretary has made important instructions on the protection of urban wetlands for many times. Hangzhou Xixi Wetland is the first national wetland park in China. Ecological environment is a major issue related to people's livelihood. Let the city become the home of harmonious coexistence between people and nature, and let the good mountains and water integrate into the city. This is not only a concern for the natural environment, but also a profound reflection on urbanization. Wetland protection and restoration need to gather global forces.

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