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"Generation Z" camping "Chasing Comet" uses images to capture "visitors from outside the world"


The starry sky shot by Cai Zhiyang. "In order to capture a clear comet, we specially observed the recent weather and drove for 4 hours to the suburbs of western Zhejiang with less light pollution and high visibility." Cai Zhiyang, a junior student in Jinhua University, Zhejiang Province, said in an interview with reporters on the 31st. It is reported that comet C/2022E3 is currently "approaching" the earth. The comet circled the sun about every 50000 years. The last time it passed the earth was in the Stone Age. For this reason, many astronomy enthusiasts and photography enthusiasts have held "long guns and short cannons", hoping to observe or record comets. "It is so rare that I will not see this comet on the earth again in my lifetime. Because it is during the winter holiday, I also met with my college classmates Shan Yidong and Ma Enrui. We have more or less taken pictures of the starry sky before, which is a little experience. We plan to wait a few more days in the suburbs, and we are looking forward to recording the most beautiful moment of the 'brightest star in the night sky'." Cai Zhiyang said that in 2022, he and his partner bought some outdoor equipment, They learned that the best time to observe comets is from midnight to dawn. They also bought sleeping bags, hot water bags and other warm items. Cai Zhiyang (first from left) and his friend Ma Enrui (first from right) camped in the suburbs and waited for the arrival. According to Shan Yidong, comets are small bodies in the solar system, mainly composed of water ice, most of which are dim and bright enough to be seen with the naked eye. The Zijinshan Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences reported on January 9 that comet C/2022E3 is the brightest comet currently predicted for 2023, and the Chinese public is expected to see the figure of this "outsider" with the naked eye in places with good observation conditions. "I started shooting this comet last night and kept shooting it until this morning. The naked eye can see this comet faintly. After processing, we can see that this comet is emerald green." Shan Yidong told the reporter of China News Service that what impressed him most was the experience of "chasing stars" in Tibet in 2022. "At that time, the stars were shining, especially spectacular." Dong Yizeng, a senior high school student in Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province, also looked forward to the comet's "visit". "At the beginning, I heard that there was a comet that was rare in ten thousand years, and I saw many people take pictures on the short video platform. My classmates and I have made an appointment to go to watch the stars after the evening of self-study these two days, hoping to see it with my own eyes." He said. It is reported that on February 2, 2023, comet C/2022E3 will pass the perigee, about 0.28 AU from the earth (AU refers to the average distance from the sun to the earth, about 150 million kilometers), and the observation effect may be the best. (Xinhua News Agency)

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