Beijing's ten major tasks in 2023 are announced! About what education will do!


On January 31, the Report on the Implementation of Beijing's 2022 National Economic and Social Development Plan and the 2023 National Economic and Social Development Plan was released. The report describes the arrangement of Beijing's economic and social development plan in 2023, as well as the ten major tasks and measures to achieve the plan. Among them, education will do these things - adhere to the priority of education development. We will accelerate the construction of a high-quality education system, improve the mechanism of school-family-society collaborative education, and deepen the modernization of education in the capital. (1) We will carry out trials of inclusive childcare services, support units and communities to run childcare, expand the pilot scale of kindergartens, and add 6000 childcare places. We will expand the distribution of preschool education resources, encourage qualified universities, enterprises and institutions to open kindergartens, and consolidate the achievements of universal and inclusive development. A special action plan for the construction of primary and secondary school degrees was issued, adding 20000 new primary and secondary school degrees, expanding the exchange and rotation ratio of principals and teachers, and promoting the high-quality and balanced development of compulsory education. Consolidate and deepen the "double reduction" work, enrich the after-school service supply, and strengthen the integration and linkage of special education and general education. (2) We will support the construction of "double first-class" universities in Beijing, deepen the reform of classified development of municipal universities, promote the high-quality development of basic, cutting-edge, emerging and interdisciplinary disciplines, accelerate the construction of Shahe and Liangxiang higher education parks, and promote the comprehensive integration of scientific and technological innovation in universities into economic and social development. (3) We will coordinate the collaborative innovation of vocational education, higher education and continuing education, implement the implementation plan to promote the high-quality development of vocational education, cultivate enterprises with industry-education integration, promote the project of the industry-education integration training center of the Beijing Vocational College of Electronic Science and Technology and the Beijing Vocational College of Finance and Trade, and accelerate the cultivation of talents urgently needed in high-end and sophisticated industries. 2023 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, and it is of great significance to do all work well. The economic and social development of the capital is faced with many favorable conditions. First, the successful convening of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China depicts a grand blueprint for building a socialist modern country in an all-round way, points out the way forward for the development of the capital in the new era, and establishes a guide for action. The 13th Municipal Party Congress made a systematic deployment of the work objectives and task requirements for the next five years, and the "five sub" linkage policy and project effectiveness will continue to be released, It has greatly mobilized and stimulated the enthusiasm and initiative of the city's top and bottom officials to start businesses, and formed a joint force to anchor the goal of taking the lead in basically realizing socialist modernization, and to work hard and forge ahead. Second, the optimization of epidemic prevention and control measures will have a significant positive impact on economic recovery. The order of social production and life will be speeded up, and the mechanisms such as resumption of work and production prevention and control, logistics and smooth flow, and material supply and price stability will firmly hold the stable operation of the city and the safety bottom line of the industrial chain supply chain, and the series of policies to help enterprises to rescue and stabilize the economy will continue to be effective. Third, the new driving force of innovation and development is expected to be concentrated. Major manufacturing projects with 10 billion output value such as the Beijing Green Smart Factory of Ideal Automobile and the second phase of Xiaomi Smart Factory will be completed and put into operation. The cultivation of new growth points in the fields of biomedicine and new energy vehicles will be accelerated. The integrated development of the digital economy and the real economy will lead to more new business forms and new models. Fourth, the leading role of reform and innovation has been continuously strengthened, and the implementation of Zhongguancun's 24 pilot reforms, "two zones" construction, and business environment reform policies,

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