Stable investment of financial instruments Accelerated implementation and achieved results within the year


Policy based development financial instruments have become a key measure to stabilize investment. According to the data released by the People's Bank of China recently, by the end of October 2022, 740 billion yuan had been invested in two batches of financial instruments, effectively supplementing the capital of a number of major projects. At the same time, the accumulative credit line of projects supported by financial instruments by banks has exceeded 3.5 trillion yuan. By the end of the year, relevant departments will also focus on accelerating the commencement and construction of financial instrument projects to provide support for stabilizing investment and the economic market. Two batches of major projects supported by financial instruments exceeded 2700. On November 29, along with the official construction of Nanchang Xiangtang International Inland Port Comprehensive Trade Industrial Park with a total investment of 600 million yuan, 186 policy oriented development financial instrument projects in Jiangxi Province have all started, and the contracted project commencement plan has been completed as scheduled. In order to solve the problem that capital funds for major projects are difficult to get in place, the People's Bank of China supported the National Development Bank and the Agricultural Development Bank of China to set up financial instruments totaling 300 billion yuan in June this year to supplement capital for major projects, including new infrastructure, or to bridge the capital of special debt projects. In August, on the basis of the first batch of 300 billion yuan financial instruments that have been put into the project, the quota of more than 300 billion yuan was added, and the Export Import Bank of China was added as a financial instrument to support banks. "The policy of adding more than 300 billion yuan of financial instrument quota issued by the state is too timely, which has solved the problem of capital shortage in the Hexi new generation electronic information port project and Hexi artificial intelligence and automation manufacturing project in Hongmei Town, so that the two projects have no worries about capital." Dongguan Qihong Investment Co., Ltd. said the relevant person in charge. It is reported that the above two projects have received a total of 175 million yuan of policy oriented development financial instruments, which will effectively help Hongmei Town, Dongguan, build a new industrial highland in Dongguan. According to the data released by the People's Bank of China recently, by the end of October 2022, 740 billion yuan had been invested in two batches of financial instruments, effectively supplementing capital for a number of major projects in the fields of transportation, energy, water conservancy, municipal administration, industrial upgrading infrastructure, etc. According to the data of the National Development and Reform Commission, the two batches of financial instruments supported more than 2700 major projects, with an operating rate of more than 90%. From the perspective of implementation effect, the growth of infrastructure investment in the first three quarters of this year was significantly higher than that in the whole year of last year. According to the data of the National Bureau of Statistics, from January to October, the national investment in fixed assets increased by 5.8%. With the decline of real estate investment, infrastructure investment continued to grow, with an increase of 8.7% from January to October. "It can be said that financial instruments have played a positive role in stabilizing investment." Meng Wei, spokesman of the National Development and Reform Commission, said at a news conference a few days ago. The investment of supporting financing for fund projects has been accelerated. "Policy oriented development financial institutions have acted quickly to establish infrastructure funds and give full play to their role in leveraging. Commercial banks have actively carried out corresponding supporting financing, thus giving play to their respective advantages and providing financing support for infrastructure construction." Lou Feipeng, researcher of Postal Savings Bank, said. Sichuan Branch of Bank of Communications has established a leading group for supporting financing projects of infrastructure funds. The bank passed the pre credit white list, green channel for credit approval and other special projects

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