"Bridge" Connecting East and West, Jointly Developing Lianyungang, Building a Benchmark for Land Sea Intermodal Transport


At the port terminal of Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, there is a statue composed of iron anchors and rails, which is engraved with the words "the starting point of the eastern end of the new Eurasian continental bridge". Thirty years ago, a siren played the prelude to China's new Eurasian Continental Bridge transportation. In recent years, with the deepening of the "the Belt and Road" initiative, the "iron and steel camel caravan" consisting of trains set off from Lianyungang, galloping on the Eurasian continent, conveying the hope of cooperation and win-win results. Now, with the regular operation of China Europe trains, Lianyungang has shouldered its national mission and is committed to building the new Eurasian land sea intermodal transport corridor linking Lianyungang and Khorgos into a benchmark and demonstration project of the "the Belt and Road" initiative. The win-win cooperation between destiny and the Communist Party entered November, and the weather became cooler, but the Sino Kazakhstan (Lianyungang) logistics cooperation base was still hot. The workers lifted the containers in pairs onto the freight train plates one after another. Every day, two China Europe trains loaded with nearly 100 TEUs will sail from Lianyungang to the hinterland of Eurasia. "The goods transported in recent years are mainly auto parts, electronic products, etc. from Japan, South Korea and other countries, which are required by Kazakhstan's industrial and economic development." Azi, deputy general manager of Lianyungang Sino Kazakhstan International Logistics Co., Ltd. from Kazakhstan, said. As the first entity platform for China and Kazakhstan to jointly build the "Silk Road Economic Belt", the Sino Kazakhstan (Lianyungang) Logistics Cooperation Base, after years of operation, has increasingly become an important "outlet" for Kazakhstan to communicate with the Pacific Ocean. More than 80% of the daily consumer goods imported by Kazakhstan through China and the advantageous trade commodities such as minerals and grains exported by Kazakhstan are distributed through Lianyungang Port. Kazakhstan is not alone. With the encrypted operation of China EU trains and the continuous improvement of the "road, rail and water" multimodal transport infrastructure in recent years, Lianyungang, located on the coast of the Yellow Sea, is playing an increasingly important role in international economic and trade cooperation. "Lianyungang West bound China Europe Train has more than 70% transit goods, which is a veritable" big channel "for international cooperation." Yang Kailin, deputy director of Lianyungang Port Holding Group News Center, said. From January to October this year, Lianyungang has run 615 international trains, with a year-on-year growth of 19.9%. Lianyungang Port has become the "first port of international land bridge transit transport" that undertakes more than 50% of China's transit transport business. The role of channels has become increasingly prominent, which has consolidated the win-win situation of "You have me, I have you" cooperation. "With the newly opened 'Wuxi Lianyungang China Europe (Asia) Successive Train' this year, our hydraulic cylinder piston rod and other products can be directly delivered from Wuxi to European customers, which is 25 days shorter than shipping." Hang Wenwei, the general manager of Jiangsu Xinheyi Machinery Co., Ltd., said that the company had delivered 800 tons of goods by train this year, with a value of more than 10 million yuan. At present, Lianyungang's six high-quality train routes have covered 104 international freight stations in Asia and Europe, including Kazakhstan, Türkiye, Germany, etc. Exploring new ways to improve quality and efficiency In Lianyungang Customs Monitoring Hall, the huge screen displays the real-time information of freighters, trains, stations and other units. When there is a cargo ship sailing from the other side of the ocean to Lianyungang, the information about the goods and destination transported on the ship can

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