Zambian President said Zambia is willing to vigorously attract Chinese investment


Lusaka news: Zambian President Hitchlema attended the opening ceremony of the China Zambia Economic, Trade and Investment Forum in Lusaka, the capital, on the 28th, and delivered a keynote speech, expressing that Zambia is willing to create a good business environment for Chinese investors, introduce sound policies, and protect the rights and interests of investors, and hopes that Chinese investors will take the forum as an opportunity to actively invest and develop their businesses in Zambia. In his keynote speech, Hitchlema said that China is an important partner of Zambia and sincerely hopes that the business groups of Zambia and China can make full use of the forum as an excellent platform to promote business cooperation and benefit the people of the two countries. Zambia is willing to take practical measures to vigorously attract investment from China, accelerate the development of new energy vehicles and other emerging industries in Zambia, and develop Zambia's rich human and natural resources. Hitchlema said that China's development experience is worth learning from and learning from developing countries including Zambia. Zambia will strengthen capacity building under the framework of the "nine projects" of the Forum on China Africa Cooperation, cooperate with China to support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, and make good use of Zambia's geographical advantages in the heart of southern Africa to build a regional manufacturing center. Du Xiaohui, Chinese Ambassador to Zambia, said that the two sides should take the theme of this forum as a guide to jointly shape the bright future of China Zambia relations. China will unswervingly promote opening up and share broad market opportunities with Zambia. Under the witness of Hitchlema, Du Xiaohui and Zambian Finance Minister Situnbeko Musokotuwane jointly signed an exchange of letters on zero tariff treatment for 98% of Zambian products exported to China. The China Zambia Economic, Trade and Investment Forum was jointly sponsored by the Chinese Embassy in Zambia and the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry of Zambia. The theme was "China Zambia Economic, Trade and Investment in the New Era: All weather, All round, High quality". More than 300 Chinese and Zambian enterprises participated offline and 90 Chinese enterprises participated online. (Liu Xinshe)

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