The Ministry of transport has issued a heavy document: there are rules for automatic driving


On August 8, the Ministry of transport issued the guide for autonomous vehicle transport safety service (Trial) (Draft for comments) (hereinafter referred to as the guide) to solicit public opinions. The introduction of the guide aims to adapt to the development trend of automatic driving technology, encourage and standardize the application of autonomous vehicle in the field of transportation services, and further ensure the transportation safety of autonomous vehicle. Pan Helin, CO director and researcher of the digital economy and financial innovation research center of the International Union Business School of Zhejiang University, told the securities times that without practice and application, data cannot be generated to further optimize the automatic driving technology. The guide is a policy for the future of industrial development, which can further promote the innovation and landing of automatic driving technology, and test the reliability of technology through practice and time. The guide to encourage the commercial use of self driving vehicles points out that, on the premise of ensuring transportation safety, autonomous vehicle are encouraged to be used in urban bus (electric) passenger transport business activities in closed bus rapid transit systems and other scenarios, autonomous vehicle are used in taxi passenger transport business activities in scenarios with simple traffic conditions and relatively controllable conditions Autonomous vehicle are used for the transportation and operation of ordinary goods on roads with relatively closed roads. Insiders believe that while the guide puts forward various requirements for the operation of autonomous vehicles, the core is to promote the commercial application of autonomous vehicles. Pan Helin believes that this document regulates some basic behaviors of the trial operation of autonomous vehicle, clarifies the responsibility for the identification of automatic driving accidents, regulates and restricts the future application of automatic driving, especially the future pilot of automatic driving taxis, and further promotes the application of automatic driving scenarios. According to the judgment of the insiders, the recent policy actions all revolve around the same word - commercialization landing. The open solicitation of opinions in the guide means that the commercialization of automatic driving is gradually expanding from the pilot in a single city and a single region to the whole country. To ensure safety is the key to the on-road and commercial operation of self driving vehicles, and the keyword "safety" cannot be bypassed. At the level of vehicle access, the guide makes it clear that autonomous vehicle engaged in transportation operations should meet the requirements of the relevant safety and technical standards of the state and the transportation industry, handle the registration of motor vehicles according to law, and obtain motor vehicle number plates and motor vehicle driving licenses. In addition, self driving taxis, freight transport vehicles and passenger transport vehicles also need to meet different qualification requirements. At the insurance level, autonomous vehicle engaged in transportation business shall be insured with compulsory motor vehicle traffic accident liability insurance, safety production liability insurance and motor vehicle third party liability insurance with an insurance amount of not less than 5 million yuan. In addition, the guide also clearly requires that conditional self driving and highly autonomous vehicle vehicles engaged in transportation operations should be equipped with drivers, and fully autonomous vehicle engaged in transportation operations should be equipped with remote drivers or safety officers. The above-mentioned personnel need to undergo systematic training and assessment, and obtain relevant professional qualifications. The definition of liability accident of automatic driving has always been a puzzle to the commercial operation of automatic driving vehicles

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