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Reported by Xinhua News Agency | Exploring New Momentum of Development in the Bay Area, Hong Kong University Internship Team from Mainland China Enters Nansha


Nansha District of Guangzhou is located in the geometric center of the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area, at the intersection of four trillion level GDP cities. It centrally carries major strategic missions such as the only national new area in Guangdong Province, the largest area of Guangdong Free Trade Zone, and the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Comprehensive Cooperation Demonstration Zone. It has a unique function and position in the overall development of the country. Recently, with the support of the United Front Work Department of the Nansha District Committee, the "Art Aviation Guangzhou, Creative Sailing" Hong Kong University Internship Team visited Nansha, experiencing technological innovation achievements at the GAC Science and Technology Museum, learning about the development process of Nansha at the Nansha Planning Exhibition Hall, exchanging ideas with entrepreneurial youth at Chuangxiang Bay, and experiencing the integration of traditional tea art and emerging technologies in "tea"... The Hong Kong University Internship Team walked into the GAC Science and Technology Museum (as shown in the picture/Xinhua News Agency), and Hong Kong universities exclaimed at the "black technology" in front of them. Whether it was the detailed display of GAC's self-developed sponge silicon negative electrode battery or the intelligent driving experience device, they all shone in front of students. The GAC Science and Technology Museum is not only a display center for GAC Group's technological innovation achievements and the transformation towards the "new four modernizations" of automobiles, but also a customer experience center, product display center, and sales service center for GAC's brands. Under the introduction of the staff, Hong Kong university students deeply felt the comprehensive display of technological innovation achievements and future innovation associations by GAC Group. Hong Kong university students visited Guangzhou Automobile Technology Museum (pictured/Xinhua). Hong Kong university student Le Aoyi said, "After experiencing several technology projects, I feel that Guangzhou Automobile has a very strong ability to innovate in technology. Among them, the simulated driving experience project gave me a real feeling like driving in reality. I believe that the future prospects of Guangzhou's automobile manufacturing industry will be very good." In the planning exhibition hall of Nansha New Area in Guangzhou, Hong Kong university students learned about the history and latest development achievements of Nansha, as well as the role that Nansha plays in the development of the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area. It is reported that currently, Nansha is closely focused on the goal of "building a major strategic platform based on the Bay Area, coordinating with Hong Kong and Macao, and facing the world", as well as "becoming an important carrier and strong support for Hong Kong and Macao to better integrate into the national development overall situation", promoting the development and opening up of Nansha to accelerate, improve quality, and efficiency. The mainland internship group of Hong Kong university students visited the Nansha New Area Planning Exhibition Hall in Guangzhou (photo/photo). Chuangxiang Bay is a new platform for youth exchange and communication between Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao. It can provide innovative and entrepreneurial professional services, leisure and cultural vitality space for Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao youth, and undertake the important responsibility of promoting the exchange and integration of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao youth in Nansha and attracting them to integrate into the construction of the Greater Bay Area. In recent years, Nansha District of Guangzhou has fully utilized its geographical advantages, strategic advantages, and openness advantages to promote the implementation of the Action Plan for Supporting the Development of Hong Kong and Macao Youth in Guangzhou by Leveraging the Advantage of Guangzhou as a National Central City. This provides comprehensive services for Hong Kong and Macao youth to "enjoy traveling, learning, working, creating, and living", promotes extensive communication, comprehensive exchange, and deep integration among young people from Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao, and strives to make Nansha the preferred place for innovation and entrepreneurship in the Hong Kong and Macao Youth Bay Area and a transit station for comprehensive integration into national development. In recent years, the mainland internship group of Hong Kong university students in Chuangxiang Bay has been encouraged by the government for intelligent production. Policies such as "Made in China 2025" and "14th Five Year Plan for the Development of Intelligent Manufacturing" have been introduced, and many enterprises have built intelligent factories to improve production efficiency. "Cha Li" Group has also followed suit, not only building a bag tea precision processing factory with an annual production capacity of 500 million bags, equipped with an AGV intelligent robot storage system with a daily shipment volume of 10000 units, but also collaborating with the Tea Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to jointly build the "Cha Li" laboratory and the Japan Pharmaceutical Otsuka Group to establish a research institute, committed to doing a good job in the "big" article of "small" tea. At the headquarters of "Cha Li" Group located in Hengli Industrial Park, Nansha District, Hong Kong university students have experienced the crystallization of the combination of traditional tea art and modern technology, while also feeling the unique skills that "Cha Li" continuously innovates and iterates on the basis of traditional technology. After a one-day visit to Charlie Group headquarters (as shown in the picture/Xinhua News Agency), Hong Kong university student Dong Yuxi stated that her itinerary for that day was related to many innovative and entrepreneurial institutions. She learned about many of the latest entrepreneurial opportunities and learned that the mainland provides many job opportunities for young people in Hong Kong and Macao. At the same time, it also has some inspiration for her future career direction. Hong Kong university student Dong Yuxi (pictured/Xinhua) said with emotion, "Actually, before coming to Guangzhou, I didn't have any plans to start a business, but today I learned a lot about entrepreneurship related funding and good development prospects. I gradually developed the idea of starting a business in Nansha or Guangzhou." Hong Kong university student Xie Yutong (pictured/Xinhua) technology innovation is inseparable from continuous experimentation and experience summary, as well as deep exploration of traditional culture, but most importantly, it is inseparable from young talents with innovative vitality. After a day of visits and exchanges, Hong Kong university students have gained a further understanding of the development situation in the mainland and the policies supporting entrepreneurship and employment in Nansha. Nowadays, with the support of serving the innovation and entrepreneurship of Hong Kong and Macao youth, Nansha District is accelerating its development into the preferred place for innovation and entrepreneurship in the Hong Kong and Macao Youth Greater Bay Area. It is believed that in the near future, Nansha District will become a blessed place for their entrepreneurship and employment. (Le Xin She) Wen Tu/Lu Baikang (Internship)

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