Deeply understanding the scientific connotation of the concept of big food and promoting the implementation of work to a new level


The Importance of Deeply Understanding the Big Food Concept
The concept of big food has enriched new connotations to ensure national food security. The concept of big food emphasizes the diversity of food and the wide range of sources, including not only traditional food crops, but also meat, eggs, poultry, milk, fish, fruits, fungi, tea, etc. The development goal has been upgraded from "eating enough" to "eating well". Practicing the concept of big food helps to enrich food supply in all aspects, providing new guarantees for food security on a larger scale, with a better structure and at a higher level.
The concept of big food has expanded new paths to promote high-quality agricultural development. The concept of big food emphasizes the expansion of arable land resources to the entire national land resources, opening up a new path to resolve the bottleneck constraint of a large population and limited land in China. Practicing the concept of big food helps to tap into the production potential of various resources, promote the optimization and upgrading of agricultural industrial structure and diversified development, improve agricultural output efficiency and product quality, and achieve harmonious coexistence between agriculture and natural ecology.
The concept of big food has planned new ideas for enhancing people's well-being.   The concept of big food emphasizes the nutrition and safety of food, which not only helps farmers to fully utilize the advantages of local resources to increase their income from planting and breeding, but also helps optimize the dietary structure of residents, improve their health and quality of life.
Accurately grasping the scientific connotation of the concept of big food
Adhere to a systematic concept and develop characteristic agricultural industries according to local conditions.   To practice the concept of big food, it is necessary to fully and effectively utilize local advantageous resource conditions, strive to explore and develop various types of food resources, such as suitable grain, suitable economy, suitable pasture, suitable fishing, suitable forest, actively develop characteristic and advantageous agricultural products, increase the supply of various important agricultural products, build a diversified food supply system, and meet the diverse consumption needs of the people.
Adhere to technological support, focus on bottlenecks, and promote key core technology breakthroughs.   To practice the concept of big food, it is necessary to attach great importance to improving the level of agricultural science and technology. Starting from strengthening technological support, promoting the integration of industry, academia, and research, accelerating breakthroughs in core technologies such as breeding and seedling cultivation, and mechanical equipment development, fully leveraging the driving role of technological innovation in the big food industry, and accelerating the construction of an innovation system for the big food industry.
Adhere to market orientation and promote the coordinated development of agricultural production, supply, and sales around demand.   To practice the concept of big food, we must pay attention to the important link of agricultural product sales, firmly establish a market concept, strengthen demand orientation, develop and produce agricultural products that are suitable for sales, build a full chain, deeply develop and develop brands, effectively connect the development of the big food industry with market sales, create upstream and downstream industrial chains and value chains, achieve coordinated development of production, supply and sales, and improve the comprehensive benefits of food development.
Adhere to green development and achieve the unity of ecological and economic benefits.   To practice the concept of big food, we must adhere to the equal emphasis on development and protection. While developing rich food resources and the big food industry, we must also develop and protect while protecting, improve the comprehensive utilization rate of resources, and promote a virtuous ecological cycle.
Promoting the implementation of the concept of big food to a new level
Practicing the concept of big food is a systematic project that involves various regions, departments, fields, and links. It requires scientific planning, overall coordination, systematic promotion, and long-term efforts to actively explore and utilize the resources of big food, effectively and orderly promote the development of the big food industry, and create a good policy environment for implementing the concept of big food.
One is to strengthen the promotion of experience.  
The second is to optimize the top-level design. Strengthen policy research and planning guidance, promote the issuance of relevant guidance opinions, effectively improve the understanding of all sectors of society in practicing the concept of big food and developing various food resources, further clarify the strategic ideas, key tasks, and guarantee measures for promoting the development of the concept of big food.
The third is to improve the system and mechanism. In response to some management policies such as "one size fits all" that have been encountered in the current implementation of the Big Food Concept, efforts should be made to optimize various relevant management mechanisms, enhance the synergy and convenience of policies in different industries and fields, and effectively release and stimulate the practical productivity of practicing the Big Food Concept.
The fourth is to strengthen policy support. Optimize the key directions of agricultural science and technology research, strengthen the integration of industry, academia, and research in key technology research, cultivate a high-quality team of technology promotion talents, further actively support the development of major food related industries and key project construction, improve the policy support system for implementing the concept of major food, and form a policy synergy that can effectively promote the development and market cultivation of major food.
The fifth is to strengthen the foundation work. Research the establishment of statistical monitoring indicators and work system for large food, initiate a survey of large food resources, collect and organize the current development status of large food resources and related industries in various regions, formulate a directory of advantageous resources for large food, and lay a foundation for further exploring the development potential of large food resources.

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Source:The Party Group of the National Development and Reform Commission of the Communist Party of China

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