Air Force Communication Brigade specializes in refining and ensuring smooth command links


Recently, the Air Force Communications Brigade conducted command and communication combat inspection training at a field training ground. Within the command post, the commander adjusts troops and issues instructions based on the special situation of the aircraft; In the accusation cabin, the signal operators proficiently used various methods to form networks, and the duty officers at each seat closely watched electronic screens and collected real-time information on air traffic changes. This is a scene where the brigade conducts field training to enhance its mobile communication support capabilities. Information systems are the key to system operations. Wherever the troops advance, information and communication should be smooth The leader of the brigade introduced that during the review of previous communication support training, they found that some officers and soldiers had weak cooperation awareness, slow information transmission, and untimely sharing in the face of unexpected situations, which affected the command structure to accurately grasp the dynamics of the troops. To this end, they focus on information fusion and carry out specialized refinement, continuously improving mobile communication support capabilities, and ensuring smooth command links. In daily training, the brigade focuses on proficiently using networked command information systems, organizing officers and soldiers to carry out enhanced training, and gradually improving the tactical and operational capabilities of battalions, companies, and stations; Modular grouping of different combat units, conducting wireless channel anti destruction linkage training, while highlighting targeted training for mutual backup, to ensure uninterrupted links in case of equipment failure; Attempt to conduct multi-channel connectivity training and establish collaborative connections between various elements by restructuring the communication network. "We focus on summarizing experience in practice, and have carried out remote collaborative training with multiple branches of the Air Force. We have sorted out and dealt with various typical special situations, participated in higher-level organization's joint training and assessment, and achieved top results." The leader of the brigade introduced that in the next step, they will focus on the requirements of system operations and joint operations support. Through live training and testing of the upgraded integrated information command platform, they will gradually solve the difficulties and blockages in communication link construction, aggregate various means to support operation and maintenance, and lay a solid foundation for continuously improving communication support capabilities. (Lai Xin She)

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