More Space, More Seats, Upgraded Version of Fuxing Intelligent Multiple Unit Will Go Online on the Beijing Shanghai High Speed Railway


It is reported that the development of the upgraded version of the Fuxing intelligent high-speed train technology has been completed recently. Train seats increase, passenger usage space expands, and service functions are optimized. On June 15th, it will be launched on the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, and the quality of operation and service of the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway will be further improved. According to the relevant person in charge of the Rolling Stock Department of China Railway Group, since 2023, China Railway Group has taken the lead in organizing railway research institutions and equipment manufacturing enterprises to improve the technology of the CR400 Fuxing intelligent multiple unit, and developed an upgraded version of the Fuxing intelligent multiple unit with 8-car and 17-car formations. By adopting technologies such as lightweight and noise reduction, as well as measures such as equipment integration and layout optimization, the passenger space has been further expanded, the passenger carrying capacity of the train has been improved, the number of second-class seats and total capacity have been increased, and the space for storing large luggage has been doubled. The seating capacity of 8-car trains has increased to 619 people, an increase of about 7.5%, with an increase of 38 second-class seats; The number of passengers on a 17 car train has increased to 1347, an increase of about 5%, with an increase of 61 second-class seats. The person in charge introduced that in order to meet the diverse travel needs of passengers, according to preliminary market research, some first-class seats on the 17 car train will be upgraded to preferred first-class seats, with a total of 24 seats in carriage 17. The seats will use shell style electric seats, with independent adjustment of backrest and leg angles, equipped with folding tables, power sockets, adjustable reading lights and other facilities. The distance between the front and rear seats will be further widened, and the seats can rotate 180 degrees, providing passengers with a more comfortable riding experience. Passengers holding preferred first-class tickets enjoy regular first-class service and can also use the designated area to enter and wait for trains. The person in charge introduced that the railway department has developed and applied the upgraded version of the Fuxing intelligent high-speed train technology, enriching the first-class seat products of the Fuxing high-speed train, increasing train seats, optimizing service functions, and better meeting the diversified needs of passengers for business activities, handling official affairs, and other purposes while boarding, so as to provide a better experience for passengers. The railway department reminds passengers that the upgraded version of the Fuxing intelligent multiple unit technology train tickets will be available for sale from 7:00 am on June 14th. Passengers can purchase tickets through the railway 12306 website (including the client), station announcements, and other channels. (Lai Xin She)

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