55 returning artists from Shanghai paint portraits of the times


The Pujiang Flowing Fragrance series "Returning to the Heart and Painting Splendor -2024 Shanghai Returning Artists Art Exhibition" opened on the 12th in the exhibition hall of the Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles. This is the first time Shanghai has held a large-scale exhibition of works by overseas returnee artists. In recent years, Shanghai has become the preferred destination for overseas students to return to China for development, with over 300000 overseas returnees currently working and living in Shanghai. The Shanghai European and American Alumni Association serves as a bridge and link to connect overseas students, with over 20000 members, including a large number of artists. These artists have studied abroad and now work and live in Shanghai, painting a picture of the times for this international metropolis. "Shanghai is a city that embraces all rivers, and overseas returnee artists are a vibrant community." Shao Ning, Vice President of the Shanghai Europe and America Alumni Association, said that a total of 55 returned artists exhibited their works at the exhibition. In their works, history, present, and future intersect and blend; Red culture, Shanghai style culture, and Jiangnan culture complement each other. They use paintbrushes to record the tremendous changes on both sides of the Pujiang River, capturing touching moments, creating portraits of the times and taking photos of ordinary people. In their works, they can see a strong academic atmosphere, familiar fireworks atmosphere, and imaginative breakthroughs. Many of the exhibited works are newly created by returnee artists in recent years, covering Shanghai's architecture, culture, and society, showcasing new industries and atmospheres. For example, the Mahler Villa in Festivals created by artist Fang Shicong uses bold lines and strong colors to depict this beautiful building with fairy tale colors, allowing people to experience the emotions surging in the artist's heart. Artist Wang Jianfeng is full of emotions towards Shanghai. He has been returning from the banks of the Neva River in Russia to the Huangpu River in Shanghai for 15 years. In Shanghai, he met his mentor, gained love, and started his career. Shanghai has transformed from a "foreign land" to a "hometown". He said, "The city of Shanghai has given me so much that it is worth giving back with a paintbrush in the future. I hope that my creations can contribute to the cultural inheritance and development of Shanghai." This exhibition is guided by the Shanghai Federation of Literary and Artistic Circles, the Shanghai Association of European and American Students, and jointly organized by the Shanghai Artists Association, the Shanghai Art Training and Guidance Center, and the Shanghai European and American Students Association in the Soviet Union. The exhibition will also tour various districts in Shanghai. (Lai Xin She)

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