It's better to meet than to be famous! The Guangdong Europe Animation Film Promotion Symposium was held in France


On June 11th local time, the Guangdong Europe Animation Film Promotion Symposium was held at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France. The Guangdong Animation Film Exchange Group and representatives from more than 10 internationally renowned animation companies from China and France, including China Film Group and Blue Inspiration Studio, held special discussions on industry hot topics such as animation production, distribution, copyright trading, and technological innovation. The Guangdong Europe Animation Film Promotion Symposium is hosted by the Guangdong Film Industry Association and the Southern Newspaper Media Group GDToday. It is the first overseas symposium organized by the Guangdong Provincial Film Bureau for animation film and television enterprises. Representatives of Guangdong companies attending the event showcased the development scale, characteristics, and representative excellent Guangdong animation of Chinese animation companies, especially Guangdong animation companies, through video clips and poster exhibitions, leaving a deep impression on the French company representatives present. Xie Miaofeng, Deputy Editor in Chief of Guangdong International Communication Center of Southern Newspaper Media Group, is the key to cooperation between Chinese and foreign animation companies. The French Angsey International Animation Film Festival, which began in 1960, is a top-notch international animation award festival and is known as the "Oscar in the animation industry". The International Animation Film Trading Market (MIFA) established by her in 1985 is also a cultural content based trading market and a benchmark for the global animation industry. The person in charge of the Provincial Film Bureau introduced that Guangdong is a major province in China's film industry, with a good development foundation and huge market advantages. Currently, there are more than 1600 registered cinemas, with over 10000 screens, and the film box office has ranked first in the country for 22 consecutive years; The creation and production of animated films are leading in the country. In recent years, a series of excellent animated films and animation IPs such as "Bears Appearing", "Piggy Man", "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" have been created, receiving attention and praise from all walks of life at home and abroad; The research and application of film technology is at the forefront of the country. "This year, we organized companies to attend a symposium at the Annecy Animation Film Festival, hoping to promote exchanges between Guangdong animation companies and French companies, and further promote cooperation between Guangdong and France in the animation field." V é ronique Encrenaz, the chairman of the MIFA trading market at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France, said in an interview with GDToday reporters that a good cooperation first requires "meeting". Due to the long animation production cycle, both parties need to have a clear understanding of each other before cooperation, to ensure that everyone is at the same level in terms of philosophy, technology, and work methods, and can get along well. "Therefore, whether it is for Guangdong animation companies to 'go global' or for French companies to explore the Chinese market, such sincere discussions are very valuable," she said. "And it is important to meet frequently and interact with each other every year, which is the key." Kessler J é r é mie, Director of the International Department of the French National Film and Animation Center, said in an interview with GDToday reporters that French film and animation professionals have a strong interest in China and look forward to deep cooperation with China. In the short term, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the industrial layout and development needs of both sides. On the one hand, the government can mediate and bridge the gap, allowing French (animation) companies to meet with relevant companies in Guangdong to deepen their understanding; On the other hand, professionals in Guangdong can also establish contacts with French companies to provide assistance for the broadcast of French works in Guangdong or other regions of China, allowing the Chinese people to have a deeper understanding of French works. "The Angsey Film Festival has a strong appeal between artistry and commercialization." The person in charge of the organizer said that the diverse styles of Guangdong animation are gradually showing great potential for international dissemination. We hope to seize the opportunity of the collective appearance of excellent animation industry institutions in Guangdong at this film festival, and convey to industry professionals at home and abroad the determination and confidence of Guangdong Animation to cooperate with the world's top industry institutions for a win-win future. "Face to face communication, to learn about the latest technology and ideas, what we create is not done behind closed doors." At the "International IP" symposium, companies from Guangdong, such as Huaqiang Fante, Yongsheng Animation, Aofei Entertainment, and Ruiyun Technology, shared their international production cooperation experiences and introduced the distribution plans of multiple original works and projects. Yongsheng Animation introduces multiple original animated film works, including the new Chinese animated film "Fallen to the mortal world", which took 5 years to complete. "Based on the 'IP diversification' strategy, Yongsheng Animation is expanding its IP coverage across all age groups and reaching out to more young users." Yan Bing, Vice President of Yongsheng Animation, said that on the one hand, Yongsheng Animation will create more original IPs and boutique works according to the content type needs of the international market, enhancing the global competitiveness of Chinese animation IPs; On the other hand, through multiple influential overseas film and television exhibitions and activities, we will strengthen online and offline communication and cooperation with major media outlets around the world, enhancing the recognition and love of domestic animation among overseas audiences. Huaqiang Fangte Animation Senior Director Luo Gaocheng shared the company's experience of going global. More than 30 original animated works by Huaqiang Fangte have been distributed in over 130 countries worldwide. Among them, the "bear haunt" brand has become a phenomenon IP in India, Türkiye and other countries. "We also have good distribution partnerships in Europe, with movies already distributed to the UK, Germany, and other European countries." He said, an important experience is to find a strong partner locally in different countries to distribute our own programs. Only in this way can we gain more attention in the local market. Olivier Ledado, CEO of Blue Inspiration Studio, told GDToday reporters that the company is developing a series of film and television works, several of which are related to Chinese culture, and looks forward to collaborating with Chinese enterprises. "Whether in terms of joint production, distribution, licensing, or specialized collaborative research, we all hope to cooperate with enterprises from China." He said that such a symposium is a good opportunity, and they will go to China in the near future to "explore" the style. After the symposium, the Guangdong Animation Film Exchange Group also visited the MIFA China Joint Exhibition and Hong Kong Animation Exhibition booths to understand the demand of the international animation trading market and look forward to building a bridge for more Guangdong animation companies to go abroad. It is understood that Dongguan City, Guangdong Province will hold the 14th China International Film and Animation Copyright Protection and Trade Expo in July this year. During this period, the Guangdong Provincial Film Bureau will organize an animation film week event, inviting film and television companies and filmmakers from all over the world to participate in the grand event, to exchange, cooperate, create, shoot, and settle in Guangdong for development. (Lai Xin She)

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