The innovative achievements are used on the front line of training, relying on the intelligence of officers and soldiers to solve the difficulties of military training


"Excellent performance!" In the midsummer, tanks roared on the training ground of a certain brigade of the 78th Group Army, marking the beginning of a combat shooting training assessment for vehicle groups. The brigade utilizes an independently developed armored equipment combat shooting intelligent auxiliary training system to efficiently and accurately complete the evaluation of training assessment results. The author understands that this auxiliary training system is one of the innovative achievements formed by the officers and soldiers of the brigade in exploring ways to enhance combat effectiveness. "Grassroots officers and soldiers are on the front line of military training and preparation, and they have the deepest feeling and the most say in the difficulties and obstacles encountered during training." The leader of the brigade introduced that in recent years, they have focused on the urgent need for troops to prepare for war and encourage officers and soldiers to fully promote military democracy, brainstorm and innovate boldly, and widely carry out activities such as small inventions, small creations, and small innovations. At the same time, we will increase policy and resource support, and form research teams around training support, technological innovation, equipment improvement, and other aspects. In order to maximize the innovation potential of grassroots officers and soldiers, they also require the government to strengthen tracking and guidance efforts, ensuring that practical and feasible innovative ideas of officers and soldiers are valued and innovative achievements can be implemented. Captain Liu of Tank Seventh Company discovered during training and assessment that due to factors such as site conditions, adverse weather conditions, and psychological factors, there were certain errors in manual timing and speed measurement by assessors, making it difficult to accurately record results. Therefore, he conceived the idea of exploring innovative auxiliary training systems. With strong support from the Party Committee of the brigade, Captain Liu led a team to develop an intelligent auxiliary training system for armored equipment combat shooting, utilizing his professional knowledge and training experience. After practical testing, the system not only assists commanders in real-time monitoring of equipment movement status, artillery firing direction, and implementing precise command, but also helps assessors to dynamically locate and time vehicles accurately, effectively reducing human operational errors. It not only effectively improves training safety, but also ensures the accuracy of assessment results. It has received unanimous praise from officers and soldiers and was quickly put into use on the front line of training. The author observed at the assessment site that due to the complex setting of the combat shooting area, the assessors were unable to enter the field deep. In the past, they could only observe the timing and speed with the naked eye from the command post. Now, with this auxiliary training system, assessors can quickly and accurately determine their scores. The automatically generated score summary can also provide reference for improving training methods for officers and soldiers. The innovative vitality of officers and soldiers is bursting, and innovative achievements are constantly emerging. The newly developed tank load-bearing wheel dismantling tool has reduced labor and time costs by three-quarters; The newly modified tank power compartment control console has solved the problem of power compartment maintenance only being carried out in the workshop; The newly developed portable air starting device for tanks allows a single soldier to restart a tank that has stalled due to malfunction... It is reported that in recent years, the officers and soldiers of the brigade have completed more than 20 technological innovations, applied for more than 20 utility model patents, and played a significant role in the training front line. (Lai Xin She)

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