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Guangzhou's first renovation project: Digitalization technology to assist in safety production


To promote the modernization of the safety production governance system and governance capacity, vigorously create a strong atmosphere for the whole society to prevent and resolve major safety risks, and assist in the three-year action plan to address the root cause of safety production. On June 13, 2024, the main venue of the on-site observation and exchange meeting for the "Safety Production Month" of housing construction projects in Guangzhou and the "Safety Production Month" of construction projects in Huangpu District was held at the Guangzhou Huangpu Yuzhu Old City Renewal and Renovation Project of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau. The Guangzhou Huangpu Yuzhu Old City Renovation Project is the first old city renovation project in Guangzhou, located in the core area of the Yuzhu Lingang Business District in Huangpu District. The total construction area is about 400000 square meters and will be developed in four plots. The construction area of Shoukai District is about 193000 square meters, with the highest building height of 142.95 meters. After the completion of the project, it will become the second CBD hub of Guangzhou, with the Huangpu Port Economic Zone as the core, and provide important support for enhancing the core engine function of regional development in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area, promoting the realization of new vitality and four new achievements in the old city. During the project construction process, the project innovatively utilized a lightweight building machine platform, which was first used in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area. The use of this platform will effectively reduce the risk of high-altitude operations and assist in project safety management. The lightweight building machine is an intelligent construction platform developed based on the principle of gear and rack drive in construction elevators. It is used for exterior protection and operation in residential and public building construction. It consists of four major systems: support system, power system, platform system, and functional system. The use of this platform can save about two months of construction time compared to traditional methods. The VR security experience is a major highlight of project security management. The project uses virtual reality VR technology to simulate a similar environment at the construction site, allowing people to "personally" experience dozens of engineering injuries that may be caused during the construction process, such as fires, electric shocks, collapses, mechanical accidents, and high-altitude falls. It has the characteristics of authenticity, interaction, and plot, allowing participants to personally experience and feel various dangerous scenes that may occur during the construction process, and master corresponding safety prevention knowledge and emergency measures, thereby assisting project safety management work. During the construction process, the project contractor sets up an engineering command center with the concept of "one screen controlling the overall situation", implements lean safety management in general contracting, realizes intelligent safety design, intelligent safety construction, and intelligent safety monitoring in each stage of engineering construction, solves traditional construction safety risk problems with the safety design concept of "intelligence+standardization", and realizes intelligent safety control. (Lai Xin She)

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