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Nansha, Guangzhou: Exploring Financial Innovation Business and Promoting Facilitation of Cross border Investment and Financing


On June 13th, a press conference on the theme of "Industrial Edition Business Environment" was held in Nansha, Guangzhou. At the meeting, Zhu Jin, a member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Financial Bureau of Nansha Development Zone, introduced the advantages and achievements of Nansha in promoting cross-border investment and financing facilitation and supporting the development of physical industries with the support of financial innovation pilot projects. Zhu Jin introduced that Nansha has taken the lead in exploring a series of financial innovation businesses nationwide, including high-level opening pilot projects for cross-border trade and investment, free trade (FT) account pilot projects, "Double Q" cross-border equity investment pilot projects, and climate investment and financing pilot projects, further facilitating market entities to carry out cross-border trade and investment and financing. On site press conference. He particularly emphasized that in recent years, Nansha has made significant breakthroughs in the "Double Q" cross-border equity investment pilot projects of QFLP (Qualified Overseas Limited Partner) and QDLP (Qualified Domestic Limited Partner). As of now, a total of 11 fund management enterprises in Nansha have been approved for QFLP and QDLP pilot qualifications, with a total approved amount exceeding 24 billion yuan. They have landed the first overseas investment of a private QDLP fund by a securities firm in China, the largest QFLP fund in the province, and the first successful case of actual utilization of foreign investment by a QFLP fund. The cumulative cross-border investment amount has exceeded 1.35 billion yuan, invested in fields such as biomedicine and health, intelligent manufacturing, and new materials, achieving two-way flow of cross-border capital in and out. Nansha "Double Q" Cross border Investment and Financing Facilitation Policy Promotion Salon. In terms of management mechanism, Nansha has opened up a "fast track" for pilot approval. Nansha will establish a "green channel" for joint approval at the provincial and municipal levels, draw up a "full process" work guide, and accelerate the implementation of more pilot projects in Nansha. Nansha implements special balance management for cross-border investment funds, opens dedicated accounts, and pilot funds can flexibly adjust their investment quotas within the approved limits, greatly facilitating the inflow and outflow of funds, and significantly improving the efficiency of foreign exchange registration and exchange. In terms of support policies, Nansha has introduced the "15 Nansha Financial Measures" to support private equity investment fund management enterprises, which can enjoy household registration rewards, equity investment rewards, talent rewards, etc. For cross-border funds, an exclusive reward of up to 7 million yuan is also added. Nansha also explicitly includes the cross-border investment service system in the Nansha 15% corporate income tax preferential directory, nurturing the landing and flowering of cross-border investment with "real gold and silver". In addition, since 2022, Nansha has become one of the first high-level pilot areas for cross-border trade and investment in China, with a total of over 15000 pilot businesses handled and a total transaction amount exceeding 34 billion US dollars, and 63 high-quality enterprises recognized. At present, all 13 pilot measures have been implemented, such as the implementation of new international offshore trade settlement optimization measures, which have helped the offshore trade settlement amount in Nansha exceed 9 billion US dollars; Optimize measures such as optimizing the receipt and payment of regular project funds for high-quality enterprises, and exempting special refunds from prior registration, to save time and costs for enterprises; Independently choosing cross-border investment and financing currencies to repay external debt business, saving financing and exchange costs for enterprises. (Lai Xin She)

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