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The memorial archway of Macao Sanpak reopened on the 13th


Due to the bad weather, the memorial archway of Macao's landmark, memorial archway, has fallen stones from its facade. The Cultural Bureau of the Macao Special Administrative Region Government announced the reopening of the scenic spot on the 13th after conducting a security inspection of the memorial archway of Da Sanba on the 12th. Reporters saw on the 13th near the memorial archway of Dasanba that there were a lot of tourists on the scene, and a continuous stream of people taking photos and "punching cards". The characteristic letter stores on both sides of the road were doing well. At noon on the 12th, due to the bad weather, the power supply in the memorial archway of Dasanba suffered a temporary failure. In addition, the on-site management personnel also found a stone on the stone steps in front of the memorial archway. It was initially suspected that the facade of the memorial archway fell down, but no injuries were caused. The Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Special Administrative Region Government immediately dispatched personnel to inspect the site, using drones to collect detailed data, and analyzing and comparing monitoring and aerial data to understand the location and cause of the falling stones. In response to the online rumor that there was a gap at the top of the bus due to lightning strikes, the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Special Administrative Region Government stated that after verifying the information, there has been a gap at this location, rather than a new one, and there has been no change due to this incident. The bureau will conduct a comprehensive structural safety inspection and maintenance of the memorial archway and study the preventive measures against bad weather to ensure that the memorial archway is well protected. Dasanba memorial archway is the site of the front wall of St. Paul's Cathedral attached to St. Paul's College. In 1835, a large fire destroyed the College of St. Paul and its affiliated church, leaving only the front wall of the church, most of the foundation, and the stone steps in front of the church. Because the front wall of the church is similar to the traditional Chinese memorial archway, it is called Dasanba memorial archway. In 2005, the memorial archway of Dasanba was selected into the The World Heritage List together with other buildings in the Historic Center of Macao. (Lai Xin She)

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