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Salt Lake Transforms into Beautiful Mountains and Waters


In accordance with the principle of "ecological priority, protection as the main focus, and moderate development", in recent years, Shanxi Yuncheng Salt Lake has launched the "returning salt to the lake" initiative. The industrial production activities in the lake area have been comprehensively cleared, and special ecological restoration projects such as embankment improvement, river dredging, and flood control reinforcement have been successfully implemented. The comprehensive management of "green mountains, water control, active salt, production revitalization, and beautiful cities" has been promoted. At the same time, the Salt Lake Protection Regulations of Yuncheng City have been introduced, providing a legal basis for the protection of salt lakes, expanding the scope of protection to ecological resources, natural resources, and cultural resources. Nowadays, walking on the trail around the salt lake, the air is fresh, the plants are lush, and flocks of birds are playing on the lake surface. From salt ponds and industrial areas to tourist check-in areas and ecological protection areas, Yuncheng Salt Lake in Shanxi Province is facing new opportunities in its transformation and development. (Lai Xin She)

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