Ready to depart, cultural relics from the "summit of the pyramid" will be unveiled in Shanghai


The Shanghai Museum and the Supreme Cultural Relics Committee of the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Relics of Egypt jointly announced in May that they will jointly hold the "Summit of the Pyramid: Ancient Egyptian Civilization Exhibition" in Shanghai in July this year. The exhibition will last until August 2025 under the joint guidance of the National Cutural Heritage Administration of China and the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Heritage of Egypt. The exhibition gathers 492 sets and over 780 precious cultural relics from different periods of ancient Egypt, of which over 95% are first-time visitors to Asia. It will comprehensively showcase the ancient Egyptian civilization and its latest archaeological discoveries to the audience, promoting exchanges and mutual learning between Chinese and Egyptian civilizations. On May 27th, at the National Museum of Egypt located in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, staff lifted the bust of Pharaoh Ehnaten of the 18th Dynasty of ancient Egypt. (Lai Xin She)

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