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Li Jiachao: Hong Kong's various talent programs attract over 47000 holders of foreign passports


On the 13th, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Li Jiachao, introduced at the second Legislative Council Chief Executive Interactive Exchange and Q&A Meeting this year that in the past 18 months, various talent entry plans in Hong Kong have attracted not only many mainland talents, but also over 47000 talents holding foreign passports. The Legislative Council Chief Executive's interactive Q&A session focuses on two themes: developing new productive forces, promoting Chinese culture, and promoting cultural tourism integration. Li Jiachao said that choosing these two topics is to start from the overall layout of the country and explore the role and role of Hong Kong in the overall situation. I hope that under the leadership of the administration and the principle of "patriots governing Hong Kong", the administrative and legislative branches can work together and gather consensus, so that the administrative organs and the Legislative Council can jointly build Hong Kong. Regarding helping new talents in Hong Kong, Li Jiachao stated that the most important thing is to connect talents through the internet. The SAR government has always been committed to related work and has launched a series of measures, including the establishment of the Hong Kong Talent Services Office to provide various services such as education and healthcare, the development of diversified online platforms to facilitate real-time matching of talents and positions, and the organization of various offline workshops and seminars. Li Jiachao pointed out that the SAR government is strengthening the development of new quality productivity, leveraging Hong Kong's basic research and development capabilities and international advantages, and vigorously developing Hetao and other areas as hubs for innovation and technology clusters. In the future, Hong Kong will further leverage its advantages in funding, talent, and other areas, collaborate with other cities in the Greater Bay Area, and strengthen complementary advantages. Regarding the promotion of Chinese culture and the integration of culture and tourism, Li Jiachao and members of the Special Administrative Region Legislative Council discussed topics such as strengthening the protection of intangible cultural heritage, cultural promotion, in-depth tourism and characteristic tourism, integration of culture and tourism resources, and the development of the concept of "tourism everywhere in Hong Kong". In the development of cultural tourism, Li Jiachao believes that the government has an important role to play, providing policy cooperation, taking on the role of "setting the stage" and promotion, promoting various projects to promote tourism and create "popularity", and more importantly, the participation of different people from the industry and even society is needed to unleash their intelligence and transform "popularity" into "wealth". (Lai Xin She)

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