Promoting large-scale equipment updates in transportation and implementing actions such as replacing urban buses with electrification


Recently, the Ministry of Transport and 13 other departments issued the "Action Plan for Large scale Equipment Renewal in Transportation", proposing to implement seven major actions: electrification replacement of urban buses, elimination and updating of old operating diesel trucks, scrapping and updating of old operating ships, elimination and updating of old locomotives, replacement of old postal and express equipment, updating and upgrading of logistics facilities and equipment, and standard improvement. The plan proposes that by 2028, the ship's capacity structure will be effectively improved; Continuous promotion and application of new energy public transportation vehicles; The basic elimination of old locomotives in key areas and the realization of large-scale replacement application of new energy locomotives; The widespread promotion and use of intelligent security inspection equipment for mail parcels has significantly improved the security inspection capabilities in the field of mailing and delivery; Further improvement of Beidou terminal applications; The carbon emission intensity and pollutant emission intensity of the transportation industry are continuously decreasing, and the total amount of pollutant emissions is further decreasing. The plan encourages the renewal of old new energy buses and power batteries, actively promotes small-scale public transportation vehicles, low floor and low entrance urban public transportation vehicles, and encourages various regions to promote the renewal of old urban public transportation vehicles that are 10 years old or older; Request to accelerate the elimination and updating of old operational diesel trucks, and orderly promote new energy operational trucks. The plan requires accelerating the scrapping and updating of high-energy consumption and high emission old transport ships, vigorously supporting the development of new energy clean energy power transport ships, strengthening key common and cutting-edge core technology research and development such as high-performance LNG, high-power alcohol fuel engines, and high energy density and high safety performance power batteries. The plan supports the updating of old security inspection equipment for postal and express delivery, carries out updates of postal and express delivery end delivery vehicles, encourages postal and express delivery enterprises to use new energy unmanned delivery vehicles on a large scale in areas that meet the requirements, and configures the use of fully automatic intelligent sorting equipment in major mail and express processing sites. (Lai Xin She)

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