The State Administration for Market Regulation is vigorously cracking down on false advertising behavior in enterprise standard filing


According to the website of the State Administration for Market Regulation, recently, the State Administration for Market Regulation has increased its efforts to crack down on false advertising behavior in enterprise standard filing. As of May 2024, a total of 17 cases of suspected false advertising under the name of "National Standardization Administration Standard Filing Enterprise" have been discovered and dealt with, and the relevant situation has been effectively curbed. The disclosure and supervision system of enterprise standard self declaration is a reform of the original standard filing system. Enterprises can complete the disclosure of self declaration through the Enterprise Standard Information Public Service Platform (hereinafter referred to as the Enterprise Standard Platform), without the need to "run errands" for filing. The current system has become an important part of stimulating enterprise vitality, promoting enterprise self-discipline, maintaining market order, and protecting consumer rights, achieving significant implementation results. However, in recent times, some companies have fabricated certificates and plaques such as "National Standardization Administration Standard Filing Enterprises" or relevant institutions "Enterprise Standard Filing" for promotion, misleading other enterprises and the public, suspected of false advertising, which has had a negative impact on the credibility of the government and damaged the implementation and promotion of the enterprise standard self declaration disclosure system. In order to rectify the chaos of false propaganda, strengthen the management of enterprise standards, and maintain the seriousness of the self declaration and disclosure system of enterprise standards, the State Administration for Market Regulation has organized a unified social credit code data service center across the country to quickly launch a "combination punch": carry out sorting and investigation, and establish a ledger for enterprises suspected of engaging in false propaganda behavior on the enterprise standard platform; Promptly issue warnings, publish warning information through the enterprise standard platform, and remind enterprises and the public to pay attention to prevention; Smooth reporting channels, clarify reporting methods, and encourage enterprises and the public to actively supervise reporting; Serious measures will be taken to rectify the situation, and the involved enterprises will be ordered to rectify within a limited period of time, and will be publicly displayed on the enterprise standard platform. The State Administration for Market Regulation reminds the general public to be vigilant. The National Standardization Administration has clearly announced that it will not carry out enterprise qualification evaluation work and will not issue relevant qualification filing certificates. If any illegal or irregular activities such as false advertising of "enterprise standard preparation cases" are found in the name of the National Standardization Administration or other relevant institutions, please report to the local market supervision department in a timely manner. The State Administration for Market Regulation will continue to improve the supervision and management of enterprise standards, increase the daily inspection and supervision of enterprise standard platforms, crack down on and dispose of relevant illegal and irregular behaviors, and effectively maintain market order and public rights. (Lai Xin She)

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