Finance and Economics Observation: "China-Chic" is a new opportunity for "time-honored brands"


In the scorching summer, drinking a bottle of refreshing soda is the preferred way for many people to relieve heat. Now, the wind of China-Chic is blowing into the "soda industry". Open the e-commerce platform, and domestic soda brands are on the list of "high beauty drink grass growing shops". Moreover, domestic soda brands such as Beibingyang, Bingfeng, and Bawangsi have all been selected for the third batch of Chinese time-honored brands. Nowadays, these "time-honored brands" are promoting their products to more consumers through a marketing combination of "cultural and creative collaboration+e-commerce". In the hot cultural and tourism market, domestic soda brands and local cultural characteristics "go both ways" to help each other constantly "go out of the circle" - Tai Chi Huoxiang Zhengqi Oral Liquid and Tianfu Cola cross border to launch "Huoxiang Xiaocola"; Xi'an Bingfeng has printed Terra Cotta Warriors, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Tang Sancai and other cultural tourism IP on the orange flavor soda cans; In 2019, the Palace Museum collaborated with Jianlibao to launch a three-year "Palace Museum China Festival" project. During the peak season of beverage sales and recent mid year promotions on various platforms, many popular domestic soda products have easily surpassed 10000 yuan in sales. Opening the after-sales review, words related to cost-effectiveness and emotions such as "childhood taste", "affordable price", and "summer favorite of the whole family" are quite frequent, which indirectly confirms the advantages of domestic beverage products. The reason why time-honored brands turn red is not just because they are old. Innovation is the enduring source of power for brands. For example, according to a report on the official website of the Arctic Ocean in February, the company's three innovative achievements have been granted national invention patents, all of which belong to the field of citrus deep processing technology, helping to improve product quality and flavor, and enhance the added value of by-products. For example, with the increasing awareness of consumer health, low sugar and sugar free have become the driving force of beverage products. Domestic soda brands are developing and laying out related products. In April this year, Dayao Beverage upgraded its soda to fruit juice soda; Last August, the Arctic Ocean launched a low sugar, zero fat version of orange juice soda, and this year a series of low sugar products have been launched; And Yuanqi Forest, which specializes in zero sugar products, has recently released new flavors of sparkling soda with zero sugar, zero fat, and zero calories. Not only are domestic soda brands putting effort into their products, but they are also innovating in their digital transformation. In recent years, Jianlibao has been conducting digital application attempts in various business sectors of the enterprise, increasing investment in digital equipment, building digital system platforms, cultivating digital talents, and exploring new industrial digital models that can reduce costs and increase efficiency. Since the beginning of this year, China's beverage products have shown a good growth trend, with a year-on-year increase of 6.5% in retail sales in the first quarter. Looking at the present, as an important branch of the beverage category, the final "performance report" of domestic soda during the peak sales season is worth looking forward to. Looking ahead to the future, innovation in product and production management is expected to help the "time-honored brand" of soda keep up with the times, seize development opportunities, and "unlock" a broader new market space. (Lai Xin She)

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