Policy support for major projects to accelerate


The second quarter is a crucial stage for economic work throughout the year, laying the foundation for achieving annual economic goals, and also a golden period for accelerating major projects in various regions. Since the second quarter, fiscal and financial policies in various regions have been intensified to help accelerate the progress of major projects and strive to create more physical workload. According to relevant arrangements, ultra long term special treasury bond will be launched in the second quarter, and will be issued from May 17 to the middle of November. Seven, 12 and three 20-year, 30-year and 50-year bonds will be issued respectively. The extra long term special treasury bond will be specially used for the implementation of major national strategies and the construction of security capacity in key areas. Li Chao, deputy director of the Policy Research Office of the National Development and Reform Commission and press spokesman, said at the press conference in May that on the basis of the early work, a batch of major projects that meet the requirements of "dual" construction and can be immediately released for investment could be sorted out, and the construction could be accelerated after the treasury bond funds were in place. Special bonds have been issued in an orderly manner with ultra long term special treasury bond, and they have been issued early and used quickly. According to Wind data, 152 new special bonds were issued in May, mainly for municipal and industrial park infrastructure, transportation infrastructure, and livelihood services. The pace of issuing new special bonds in May has accelerated, far exceeding the 31 bonds issued in April. June to August may be the peak of supply, fully reflecting the policy "temperature" of proactive fiscal policy. In my opinion, fiscal and financial policies should work together to ensure the accelerated implementation of major projects. At present, multiple funding channels are accelerating the issuance to ensure that major projects start construction as soon as possible. This requires mutual cooperation among regions and departments, coordination of central and local stock and incremental funds, formation of policy synergy, and improvement of fund utilization efficiency. For example, each region should accurately drip irrigation according to the situation and fully leverage the guidance and leverage role of monetary policy tools; Guide financial institutions to increase credit allocation and expand financing channels for enterprises; Accelerate the allocation of system funds, reduce application processes, and strive to achieve daily delivery of financial funds; Intensify monitoring efforts, strengthen the normal docking mechanism, conduct dedicated follow-up on financing for key projects, and fully meet the funding needs of major project construction projects; At the same time, it is also necessary to meet the needs of enterprise terminals and achieve flexible and convenient payments. On a journey of thousands of miles, the wind is strong, and the heavy responsibility is daunting. To achieve more physical workload in major projects, it is necessary to make full use of fiscal and financial policy tools and provide sufficient financial support for the construction of major projects. Each region should make practical moves in precise policy implementation, make practical efforts in precise promotion, achieve practical results in precise implementation, and ensure that relevant enterprises enjoy the policy dividends to the fullest. (Lai Xin She)

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