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To cultivate and strengthen new quality productive forces and solidify the talent foundation


Talents are the primary resource for developing new quality productive forces. This year's Government Work Report further deployed: "We will adhere to the coordinated promotion of the construction of an education, technology, and talent strong country, implement the integration of the innovation chain, industry chain, capital chain, and talent chain, deepen the comprehensive reform of education, technology, and talent, and provide strong impetus for modernization." The development of new quality productive forces is an inherent requirement and important focus for promoting high-quality development. To cultivate and strengthen new quality productive forces, we should adhere to the guidance and drive of talent, and walk out a path of high-quality economic and social development from strong talent and technology to strong industry, strong economy, and strong country. 1. Talent is the primary resource, and innovation driven is essentially talent driven. Currently, the world is experiencing unprecedented changes and accelerating evolution. A new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is deepening, and emerging fields such as big data, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and biomedicine are constantly developing. The market demand structure is rapidly iterating, new scenarios and applications continue to expand, and the great power game continues to compete. The global industrial layout and economic pattern are accelerating reconstruction, and the characteristics and role of talent resources as the primary resource for economic and social development are becoming more obvious. New quality productivity represents the new trend of future industrial transformation and the new direction of productivity development, which will lay a new foundation and provide new momentum for future economic growth; Accelerating the development of new quality productive forces is an objective requirement for liberating and developing productive forces in the new era and new journey. It is an inevitable choice to promote the iteration and upgrading of productive forces and achieve modernization. Talents are the most active and decisive agents in cultivating and developing new quality productive forces. To develop new quality productive forces, it ultimately depends on talents, especially innovative talents. Talents are the foundation of a strong country, the foundation of competition, and the key to transformation. Based on a profound understanding of the historical subject status of the people, Marxist classic writers have clearly put forward the view that "the main productive forces are people themselves.". Talents are the decisive element of technological innovation, and the fundamental and strategic support for promoting high-quality development and high-level technological self-reliance and self-improvement. High quality development is a development with technological and innovative content, which is a connotative development supported by talent intelligence and innovative achievements. Without talent advantages, a country cannot form technological, industrial, and national competitive advantages, nor can it form a high-quality modern industrial and economic system. Historical experience has shown that a country's talent and intellectual resources, including the level of high-precision and cutting-edge talents, overall talent quality, and talent development vitality, can have an efficiency multiplier effect on its rapid development and achieving strategic catch-up. Therefore, the competition for comprehensive national strength ultimately boils down to talent competition, and talent is an important indicator for measuring a country's comprehensive national strength. Cultivating and cultivating a large number of high-quality talents with both morality and talent is a long-term development plan for the country and the nation. Our Party has always attached great importance to cultivating, uniting, leading, and achieving talents, and has united and supported talents from all aspects to contribute to the cause of the Party and the people. Cultivating and developing new quality productive forces cannot be achieved without talent guidance and support. The core of productivity is people, and talent is the fundamental support for promoting technological innovation and promoting the leap of productivity. New productive forces are proposed in the context of high-quality development and innovation driven strategies. As a technology intensive productive force, new productive forces rely more on high-quality and innovative workers than traditional productive forces, and require high-level innovative talents to unleash their creative abilities. It is necessary to organize and integrate labor materials and objects with a people-centered approach to promote innovation, especially highly intelligence intensive primitive and disruptive innovations, and transform, migrate, and transmit them to the front line of industries, forming a new driving force for economic growth. Talent leadership and innovation driven are the essential requirements and inherent implications for developing new quality productive forces, and innovation driven is essentially talent driven. After decades of reform and opening up and continuous industrialization, China's total economic output has remained the second in the world, and the scale of its manufacturing industry has leapt to the first in the world. At the same time, it has also formed the world's largest and most comprehensive talent team, but it still cannot fully meet the needs of high-quality development and the cultivation and growth of new productive forces. The main manifestations are: prominent structural contradictions in the talent pool, a shortage of high-precision and cutting-edge innovative talents and strategic scientists, insufficient supply of high-level technical and skilled talents, a certain degree of disconnection between the cultivation and use of engineering and technology talents, and a shortage of large country craftsmen who can adapt to new industries, new models, and new kinetic energy development; In terms of talent cultivation, evaluation, utilization, and motivation, there is still a phenomenon of "valuing education over skills, valuing qualifications over abilities, and valuing introduction over cultivation" within a certain range, and the innovative vitality of talents has not been fully stimulated. Especially, the stock of specialized talents who can provide primitive and disruptive technological achievements to cultivate new productive forces is scarce, with insufficient increment and activity, and there is still a significant gap compared to some developed countries. We must adhere to the principle of talent driven development, accelerate the cultivation and growth of new productive forces, adhere to a problem oriented approach, focus on solving prominent problems that have been troubling us for many years and have strong feedback, break down institutional barriers in talent cultivation, use, evaluation, service, support, and incentives, transform China's institutional advantages into talent advantages, accelerate the formation of training mechanisms that are conducive to talent growth, utilization mechanisms that are conducive to the full potential of talents, incentive mechanisms that are conducive to the full potential of talents, and competitive mechanisms that are conducive to the outstanding talents, and provide talent support for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. 2. Focusing on the needs of the country and implementing the strategy of building a strong country through talent in the new era, Engels said, "Once there is a technological need in society, this need can push science forward more than ten universities." Now, China's economic and social development and improvement of people's livelihoods require the enhancement of innovation as the primary driving force, and we must firmly grasp the important focus of promoting high-quality development through the development of new productive forces. Focusing on the needs of the country, we must deeply implement the strategy of building a strong country through talent in the new era, injecting a continuous stream of talent vitality into the development of new productive forces. Firstly, we will focus on promoting the integration of education, technology, and talent. In the past period of time, the problems of education, technology, and talent work each having their own opinions and handling their own tasks have existed to a certain extent. This is also an important reason for the low quality of independent talent cultivation in China, the relative shortage of world-class talents and strategic scientists, and the lack of disruptive innovation. The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed that "education, science and technology, and talent are the fundamental and strategic support for the comprehensive construction of a socialist modernized country." For the first time, education, science and technology, and talent were comprehensively arranged and deployed, pointing out the direction and path for the in-depth implementation of the strategy of revitalizing the country through science and education and the comprehensive construction of a socialist modernized strong country. Education, technology, and talent work are interdependent, embedded, and mutually reinforcing. The three have their own subsystems and collectively belong to a larger system. We should not only view the strategic goals, work functions, and output contributions of education, technology, and talent from a subsystem perspective, but also examine the strategic value contributions of the three integrated promotion from a global perspective. Currently, the three subsystems each have a wide range of performance outputs, but their collaboration, focus, and support for the goal of technological self-reliance and self-improvement are insufficient. Traditional resource allocation methods are difficult to meet the resource allocation requirements of high-quality development stages. With the goal of serving high-level technological self-reliance and self-improvement, cultivating and developing new quality productive forces, defining and grasping the work positioning, responsibilities, and functions of education, technology, and talent in common tasks from the perspective of system optimal solutions, achieving the "trinity" of cross regional coordination, global configuration, complementary advantages, and optimal matching, can generate global strategic value. Based on this, in accordance with the requirements of developing new quality productive forces, we should break down the functional barriers of relevant departments, optimize institutional design, work paths, policy supply and driving mechanisms, adhere to the integration of education development, technological innovation, and talent cultivation, and form a virtuous cycle. Secondly, building a talent training platform to cultivate a fertile land for developing new quality productive forces. In recent years, high-level talent highlands have been built in Beijing, Shanghai, and the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area. Platforms for attracting and gathering talents have been established in some central cities, accelerating the formation of strategic fulcrums and a wild goose formation pattern, providing conditions and foundation for building new productive forces development clusters. Some talent highlands and platform construction units are actively integrating into the national development strategy layout, vigorously developing emerging and future industries, gathering international outstanding talents and innovative resources, creating a new type of platform for talent and entrepreneurship, deepening the reform of the key talent development system and mechanism, promoting the deep integration of talent chains, innovation chains, industry chains, and entrepreneurship chains, and giving birth to fundamental and disruptive innovations. They are taking the lead in cultivating new quality productivity and are accelerating the formation of a talent pattern for developing new quality productivity. In the future, we will focus on technological innovation, industrial upgrading, and a series of important areas for systematic talent layout, process reengineering, institutional restructuring, resource restructuring, and battlefield capture. Further combine its own geographical advantages, natural endowments, resource accumulation, and unique environment to achieve differentiated, misaligned, and distinctive development. Based on the construction of the National Science and Technology Innovation Center, Science City, Free Trade Zone, and National Service Industry Expansion and Comprehensive Demonstration Zone, we will increase investment in research and development and related resources, strive to create an innovation and development platform that carries international first-class talents, concentrate on running a number of first-class national laboratories, key laboratories, universities and new research and development institutions, promote the implementation of international big science plans and projects, build big science facilities, and cultivate a number of international first-class technology-based leading enterprises and innovation institutions. Take the lead in carrying out supporting reforms of the talent system and mechanism,

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