Xi'an Drum Music: "Living Fossils" Blooming with "Youth"


"Xi'an drum music is one of the most important cultural heritages of Han ethnic music, and also a typical representative of the music of the Sui and Tang dynasties." Facing the reporter, Zhang Zhao, president of Xi'an Ducheng Temple Drum Music Club, Shaanxi, said that for a long time, the inheritance of Xi'an drum music is mainly among folk music clubs, which is passed on from teacher to apprentice and from mouth to mouth. Nowadays, both in terms of funding and personnel, folk music societies are unable to meet the needs of high-quality development of Xi'an drum music. However, to Zhang Zhao's delight, as the first professional drum music research institute in the country, the Xi'an Drum Music Research Institute of Xi'an University of Foreign Affairs was recently established. "This is a milestone, and the research institute will bring together the previously dispersed forces in various universities and folk music societies." Zhang Zhao said, "Our folk music society will do its best to provide materials for researchers to conduct research, and innovate and improve on this basis." It is reported that the Xi'an Drum Music Research Institute has professional research institutes and workshops such as the Drum Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Institute, Drum Music Creation Studio, Drum Music Transmission Institute, Drum Music Creation Workshop, Drum Music Theory Research Studio, Bell and Chime Research Institute, Qin and Se Research Institute, Xun Guan Research Institute, Symphony Research Institute, and Yin Yun Research Institute, which are fully established and large-scale. A professional research institution for Xi'an drum music. "Establishing a research institute specifically for the research and innovation of Xi'an drum music is a good opportunity and important measure to promote the modernization development of Xi'an drum music, which is very necessary and urgent." Gao Yang, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, expressed his hope that Xi'an Foreign Affairs University can take the establishment of the Xi'an Drum Music Research Institute as an opportunity to align with the direction of innovative development of Xi'an drum music, fully leverage the advantages of higher education and scientific research, inject vitality into Xi'an drum music through in-depth research, endow Xi'an drum music with new era connotations and modern forms of expression, enhance its influence and appeal, and add new impetus to the inheritance, research, and development of Xi'an drum music. Xi'an drum music is a large-scale folk music genre that has been passed down in Xi'an and surrounding areas. It originated in the Tang Dynasty, originated in the Song Dynasty, flourished in the Yuan and Ming Dynasties, and flourished in the Qing Dynasty. After more than a thousand years of practice and development, it has gradually become a large-scale form of ethnic classical music, known as the "ancient symphony" and the "living fossil of ancient Chinese music". In 2009, Xi'an Drum Music was approved by UNESCO to be included in the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. For many years, on the basis of protecting and inheriting, we have been committed to making "living fossils" interpret the music of the times that is close to the times and trends, which is the common aspiration of many cultural and tourism workers, scientific research and education workers in Shaanxi. There are currently 4 world-class intangible cultural heritage projects in Shaanxi, and Xi'an Drum Music is the only project named after Xi'an in Shaanxi. Therefore, it is Shaanxi's duty to polish the world-class cultural calling card of "Xi'an Drum Music". "Revitalization and promotion, adhering to the inheritance of Chinese culture without forgetting; striving for excellence, fearless of rain, snow, wind and frost; upholding integrity and innovation, vibrant and shining with the light of the times..." This is the award speech given to 10 "Annual Figures of Shaanxi Intangible Cultural Heritage" at the first Shaanxi Intangible Cultural Heritage Annual Ceremony held in Xi'an not long ago. Among these 10 intangible cultural heritage inheritors, folk experts, and entrepreneurs dedicated to project inheritance and development, Huang Teng, Chairman and President of Xi'an University of Foreign Affairs, is among them, while his other identity is Xi

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