National Day for Helping the Disabled, Entering President Xi Jinping's Heart as a "Spring Cause"


The living conditions of people with disabilities are always remembered by the General Secretary; The difficult needs of people with disabilities are often remembered by the General Secretary; 85 million people with disabilities are walking with the light of spring, full of hope. Most of the children adopted here have congenital disabilities. In order to make children feel the warmth of the family, every four children and a couple in the welfare home form a "simulated family". Families with disabilities should not be left behind. When working in Zhejiang, I visited disadvantaged groups before the Spring Festival. Despite the tight schedule and the need for streamlining, I still specifically instructed the staff to do so; "We must consider everything comprehensively." During my tenure in Shanghai, my leadership organized the Special Olympics, from whether the seats were secure and the passageways were inconvenient to strictly adhere to the bottom line of food safety, all of them were attentive, just because these athletes were "different children"... I kept thinking about them, and the branches and leaves were close. Time and time again dusty visits, just to see if families with disabilities are doing well; In the classroom of the special education school in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, the beauty and hairdressing teacher Wang Yani sometimes pointed to the knowledge points on the blackboard to "explain", and sometimes picked up beauty tools to demonstrate proficiently. The students were staring intently and focused. Unlike other classrooms, communication between teachers and students is conducted through sign language. This is a silent classroom, but people in it can always hear a special sound: it is spring seedlings growing at the jointing stage. Becoming a teacher was Wang Yani's childhood dream, lit up by the unforgettable and warm meeting about 10 years ago. On January 28, 2014, under investigation in Inner Mongolia

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