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The Third Plenary Session of the 20th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection emphasized the need to accelerate the construction of a digital disciplinary inspection and supervision system, deepen the construction of big data and information technology, focus on solving difficulties and blockages such as duplicate data reporting, and empower various work of rectification, discipline and anti-corruption with technology. The Discipline Inspection Commission and Supervision Commission of Zigong City, Sichuan Province, vigorously promote supervision and inspection, review and investigation, serving the people, comprehensive management, decision-making assistance, and digitalization of infrastructure, and promote the high-quality development of discipline inspection and supervision work in the new era and new journey. Weave and strengthen the supervision and disciplinary network for weaving density. In the digital age, corruption presents new stage characteristics, and promoting the Party's self revolution faces new challenges. The Zigong Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision takes the construction of a "digital disciplinary inspection and supervision system" as a carrier, focuses on various aspects of power operation, fully utilizes the characteristics of digital technology such as massive storage, high-speed computing, full process controllability, panoramic display, and comprehensive analysis, and takes the management of key personnel, matters, locations, and critical moments as the main line. It constructs a three-dimensional supervision matrix, accurately depicts the political ecology of party organizations, departments, and units at all levels, dynamically establishes integrity files for leaders and public officials at all levels, and supervises and manages key links such as decision-making procedures, institutional implementation, power operation, and fund flow throughout the process. It predicts and prevents corruption risks and maximizes the survival space of corruption phenomena. Promote information sharing and resource sharing. Improving the quality and efficiency of disciplinary inspection and supervision work through digitization requires a large amount of data source support. The Discipline Inspection Commission and Supervision Commission of Zigong City, relying on the integrated resources of the "Digital Discipline Inspection and Supervision System" construction platform, strengthens deep cooperation with public security organs, banks, and other organizations, and breaks down barriers to data and information sharing. Strengthen the application of scientific and technological equipment and composite talents in supervision and discipline, strengthen the construction of business rules, analytical logic, and algorithm models, enhance the ability to perceive corruption risks, perspective complex relationships, and accurately handle problems, enhance the professional and standardized level of review and investigation, better adapt to the new situation of anti-corruption struggle, and grasp the initiative of anti-corruption struggle. Solve the demands of the masses with heart and emotion. In order to effectively solve the problem of difficulty in grassroots supervision, the Zigong Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision fully utilizes the characteristics of digital technology and network technology, which have wide coverage, strong penetration, and direct access to the masses, to promote the deep integration of "big data supervision" and special supervision in the city, and further smooth the channels for public supervision and public opinion listening. Build a comparison model for 9 types of subsidies for rural subsistence allowances, farmland subsidies, and critical renovation funds to benefit the people and farmers. In response to suspicious issues discovered through data analysis, coordinate the targeted supervision of "office and land" forces. We will seriously rectify the unhealthy practices and corruption issues around the people, use information technology to help solve their urgent and difficult problems, and make the people truly feel that good conduct, discipline, and anti-corruption are all around us, and the care, care, and love of the Party and the government are all around us. (Le Xin She) (The author is Gao Zhan, a member of the Standing Committee of the Zigong Municipal Party Committee in Sichuan Province, Secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Director of the Supervision Commission)

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