The main tone of travel during this year's May Day holiday: cost-effectiveness and relaxation


May Day holiday is approaching, have you made your travel plan yet? Do you want to travel around the country with textbooks, or do you want to go back to Zibo for baking or Tianshui Spicy Hot Pot? Xiao Zhang, who works in Hangzhou, has arranged his May Day holiday plan in this way: "Entering the Mountains.". She had already booked a room in Lin'an homestay last week and was preparing for a three-day, two night "lying down tour". Sleep until you wake up naturally, climb the mountain, look at the starry sky, and focus on a sense of relaxation. Reverse travel like this has become one of the popular ways of traveling during this year's May Day holiday. In addition to playing comfortably, another key concern for many people is to have a cost-effective experience. So, Mr. Huang from Zhejiang checked the exchange rate and boarded a plane to Osaka, Japan the day before yesterday, embarking on his May Day trip ahead of schedule. "I want to have a good time and travel with the exchange rate," said Mr. Huang with a smile. "My friend said I travel with the exchange rate and go wherever it goes down." It's really true that my travel plan was made because the Japanese yen exchange rate has decreased. "I didn't expect to go to Japan and find that there are many people who share the same idea as me. Last night, I met many Chinese tourists in the Osaka Xinzhaiqiao business district." With the appreciation of the Chinese yuan against other currencies this year, traveling with the exchange rate has become a new choice for many people in Zhejiang. ". However, a lower exchange rate does not always mean cheaper. Yu Wenjie, Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang CYTS Citizen Tourism Headquarters, said that due to the influx of tourists from all over the world into Japan, it has actually pushed up the cost of local aviation, hotels, and ground resources. "Ticket prices are currently higher than the same period in 2019." Fortunately, not only has the exchange rate of the Chinese yuan against the Japanese yen changed recently, but also some countries' currency exchange rates have weakened, which is also beneficial for outbound tourism. Zhejiang China Youth Travel Service stated that during the May Day holiday, there are currently 11 tourist groups traveling to Australia and New Zealand, with good booking rates. This is partly because April and May are in Australia's autumn season and the weather is good; On the other hand, it is related to the convenience of visas and the relatively low Australian dollar exchange rate since the beginning of this year. The exchange of RMB to Thai baht is also more cost-effective, which to some extent stimulates Chinese residents to travel and consume in Thailand. There is also Türkiye. Ms. Chen, who works in Jinhua, still remembers her trip to Türkiye during the May Day holiday in 2014. "At that time, only 3 yuan could be exchanged for 1 lira. This May Day, I planned to revisit the old place. Unexpectedly, I checked the exchange rate. Now, the reverse is true. 1 yuan can be exchanged for 4.5 lira, which directly moved me to buy there." According to Tuniu data, the popularity of outbound travel on May Day this year has increased significantly. Among outbound destinations, Japan, Maldives, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Türkiye, Malaysia, South Korea and other directions are booking hot. To relax and have a sense of experience while traveling, many homestays in Hangzhou have also been very expensive this year. During the May Day holiday in Lin'an, all the rooms were fully booked in March. Mr. Zhu, the shopkeeper, has been "anticipating danger in times of peace" these days, busy both inside and outside, hoping to "roll" out some different experiences. This homestay focuses on parent-child education, such as walking into the surrounding bamboo forest with the family during May Day and searching during the day

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Source:Qianjiang Daily

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