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What is the power that keeps classic works fresh and enduring


On February 1, 2024, the "Reviewing Classics" channel premiered, making classics once again a hot topic of discussion. Numerous classic TV dramas that carry collective memories, such as "Four Generations Together", "Journey to the West", "Dream of the Red Chamber", "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", "Water Margin", "Desire", and "Adventure in the East", have once again become popular among audiences, showcasing their enduring artistic vitality and inspiring current creators to decode the internal and external factors that make them classics, seeking experience and paths for forging new classics. Because classics have a penetrating power of thought and can unleash spiritual values that transcend time and space, ideas and values are the soul of works, and all forms of art are carriers of expressing certain ideas and values. How to inspire people's minds in a silent and nourishing way, convey the concept of goodness and upward progress, and make works have the ability to penetrate ideas across time and space, is an important proposition that creators consider. Classic TV dramas often use vivid brushstrokes in character shaping, emotional construction, audio-visual rhetoric, and other aspects, naturally integrating profound ideological themes into the story, composing three-dimensional and rich examples of contemporary life and life. As a result, they are repeatedly appreciated and interpreted by generations of viewers, becoming new and passed down for a long time. On the one hand, these works seamlessly incorporate the theme into the plot and character development. As in "Chuang Guandong", the spirit of self-improvement and perseverance is embodied in vivid character portraits represented by Zhu Kaishan; Soldier Assault attaches the life creed of "never give up, never give up" to Xu Sanduo, the image of being immediately down-to-earth and approachable; "The Bright Sword" interprets the spirit of Chinese soldiers with its dramatic plot and the character of anti Japanese heroes who possess both intelligence and courage. On the other hand, these works generate explanatory power for spiritual values that transcend time and space, thus affecting both the human and emotional levels, reflecting a certain deep historical accumulation and cultural structure, allowing audiences of different eras to resonate and find a mirror to learn from. For example, the audience can still appreciate the twists and turns of life experience and the determined and enterprising spirit from Journey to the West, feel the rich texture of historical events and the heroic spirit of heroic characters from Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and appreciate the sincere love and a flowing attitude towards life from Parental Love. The ideological theme is not rootless duckweed, but should take root and sprout in vivid and touching plots. Although there are intergenerational differences, the audience cannot help but immerse themselves in an eternal emotion and grandeur, savoring the profound connotations of history, culture, and human nature in the work, thereby gaining spiritual strength and emotional value. Because classics have aesthetic insight and can interpret timeless cultural values, they have timeless artistic charm, which originates from the people. People's lives are an inexhaustible source of creativity for film and television art. Many classic dramas dramatically extract and arrange real-life situations and experiences, constructing a self consistent artistic world that reveals the essence of life in fictional stories. "The Happy Life of Poor Mouth Zhang Damin" is based on a small courtyard, integrating trivial life matters into a plain and detailed plot, with warmth

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