The 21st National Reading Survey shows that the reading methods of citizens are showing diversified characteristics


On April 23rd, the results of the 21st National Reading Survey (hereinafter referred to as the "Survey") were released at the Third National Reading Conference. A survey shows that in 2023, the comprehensive reading rate of various media, including books, newspapers, and digital publications, among adult citizens in China was 81.9%, an increase of 0.1 percentage points from 2022. Wei Yushan, President of the China Academy of Press and Publication, stated that through surveys, it can be seen that the comprehensive reading rate of Chinese citizens has steadily increased, digital reading has penetrated into daily life, and reading services are becoming increasingly perfect. The comprehensive reading rate is steadily increasing. According to a survey, the per capita paper book reading volume of adult Chinese in 2023 was 4.75, and the per capita e-book reading volume was 3.4. In 2023, the comprehensive reading rate of various media among adult citizens in China has steadily increased. At the end of March this year, Fengchuansong Bookstore reopened on Zhongguancun Street in Beijing. The former "cultural coordinates of Beijing" ceased operations in 2011 due to business conditions. After the restart, the flow of people in the bookstore continued to flow, and for readers, the new opening of the old store highlights people's nostalgia for traditional reading methods. "This also indicates that the Chinese nation is a nation that faces the future and walks ahead of time. They have long realized that it takes a long time to convert organic matter into nutrients that can be used by plants..." As the speaker of the audiobook narrated the story, "Four Thousand Years of Farmer" sounded in their ears, and Peng Jiping, a teacher at Yunnan Agricultural University, stepped into the office. "Due to work reasons, paper reading is still my main reading method, but listening to books and electronic reading make full use of my fragmented time." Peng Jiping said that diverse reading methods not only improve reading efficiency, but also increase reading time. "The overall reading level of the people continues to maintain a steady upward trend, and the reading methods have further shown diversified characteristics." Xu Shengguo, director of the National Reading Research and Promotion Center of the China Academy of Press and Publication, believes that diversified reading methods will further promote the steady increase of the comprehensive reading rate. Digital reading has become the main growth point. Video storytelling, as an emerging reading method, is entering people's vision. The survey shows that the exposure rate of digital reading methods (such as online reading on the computer, mobile reading, e-reader reading, pad reading, etc.) is 80.3%, an increase of 0.2 percentage points from 2022. Among them, emerging digital reading methods such as listening to books and video storytelling are increasingly favored by adult citizens, with 36.3% of adult citizens reading through listening to books in 2023; 4.4% of adult citizens read through video lectures. Further analysis reveals that the reading volume of e-books by adult citizens in China will increase in 2023. More than 30% of Chinese citizens will have the habit of listening to books and reading through listening. The "mobile audio app platform" is the main channel for citizens to listen to books, and digital reading will penetrate into the lives of adult citizens. Reading services are improving day by day at the Heshun Library located in Tengchong City, Baoshan City, Yunnan Province. Every morning, accompanied by the crisp and pleasant chirping of birds, the deputy director of the library, Yin Yiyao, opens the door, and enthusiastic readers are already waiting outside. The library of this border town carries

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